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2012 NBA Playoffs Recap: Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers

EAST Semifinals * Game 6 * Series is tied, 3-3

Before the game started, the Sixers brought someone from the past.

Allen Iverson presented the game ball. He was wearing a Lou Williams jersey. If he was still an active player, that's a violation of a dress code. Oh, and this has got to be the greatest moment of Lou Williams' life.

There was nothing pretty about this game. Scoring droughts were the usual once again. The first half ended with a 36-33 Boston edge. The Sixers only scored 11 points in the second quarter. It sure didn't seem like there was a sense of urgency from Philly.

That urgency kicked in soon enough. First, the Sixers went on an 11-0 run early in the third. Boston would catch them at 46-Up but the Sixers would counter the Celtics from here on out. Andre Iguodala would make a 3-pointer. Spencer Hawes would make a jumper. Evan Turner would get inside. Finally, the Sixers perservered enough to take a 70-59 lead in the fourth. The Celtics couldn't catch them and we're having a Game 7 in Boston.

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Jrue Holiday came up big with 20 points. Kevin Garnett had 20 as well for Boston. But the Celtics couldn't make a basket to save their lives; they only shot a paltry 33.3 percent. That's not what you need when you're trying to close a team out.

Since this whole game was so ugly, I'm going to need some eye candy.

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Can't lose.

We'll see which team advances to the Eastern Conference Finals on Saturday. In the meantime, Miami has a chance to close out Indiana tomorrow night.

PHOTO CREDIT: 1) Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images. 2) Drew Hallowell/Getty Images (photo #2 edited by Payton Wales).

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