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2012 NBA Playoffs Quick Review: Bulls, 76ers, Knicks, Heat, Celtics, Hawks, Lakers, Nuggets

The second week of the NBA playoffs started with FOUR games. Check 'em.

EAST 1st Round * Game 4 * Sixers lead series, 3-1

Early in the game, Taj Gibson carried the Bulls' offense as he scored 12 points in the 2nd quarter. Then the offense revolved around Carlos Boozer. The Bulls kept it close and were only trailing, 74-73, before Jrue Holiday (JA RULE HOLIDAY!) hit back-to-back threes.

C.J. Watson scored all 17 of his points in the second half. They were able to close it down to 84-80 before Boozer lost the ball in a critical possession with 48 seconds left. The Sixers closed the game down with freethrows.

Spencer Hawes is probably going to get paid big in the offseason. He had another great performance as he led the Sixers in scoring with 22 points. Boozer ended up leading Chicago in scoring with 24 points.

Philly is one win away from advancing to the second round. From my personal perspective? I trust them Sixers like I trust Sarah Phillips.

EAST 1st Round * Game 4 * Heat lead series, 3-1

Amar'e Stoudemire returned to the series after a fight with the fire extinguisher.

Miami seemed like they were in cruise control. They were up, 51-40, in the 3rd quarter when New York went on a 17-2 run. That made it into a back-and-forth game.

At the end, it became a game of "tops." Mike Bibby made a 3 that made it into 84-81. LeBron James countered with a 3 of his own. Then Carmelo Anthony immediately made a 3 after that.

With 13 seconds left, the Heat were down, 89-87. Dwyane Wade dribbled the entire time before running back for a game-winning 3. He missed and the Knicks get to play another game.

While the Knicks get to play again, Baron Davis may likely not play another game in his NBA career. He dislocated his knee while on the break. Speedy recovery to Baron and, hopefully, it's not the end.

Carmelo led the Knicks with 41 points while LeBron led the Heat with 27.

EAST 1st Round * Game 4 * Celtics lead series, 3-1

Well, the Celtics led as many as 37 points in the game. The end.

WEST 1st Round * Game 4 * Lakers lead series, 3-1

It was a close game throughout but in the second half, it was played in the pace of the Lakers. It was a back and forth affair until Ramon Sessions broke an 86-up tie with a three. In the next Laker possession, Kobe drove and dish to Steve Blake for another three that put away the game. It just seemed like the Lakers were going to come away with the win due to the pace of the game.

Kobe led the Lakers with 22 points while a red-hot Danilo Gallinari led the Nuggets with 20 points. They go back to Staples Center for Game 5 where the Lakers can finish off the Nuggets.

The two remaining Game 4s will be played tomorrow!

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