2012 NBA Playoff Wrap-Up: San Antonio Spurs


They had it going. The San Antonio Spurs had home court advantage, won 20 straight games, and a 2-0 lead against the Oklahoma City Thunder. And it was gone just like that. I talk to Jeff Garcia (@sa2ny2004) from Project Spurs about this disappointment.

What was the main reason, you think, on why the Spurs lost this series?

The bench vanished, players couldn't hit their outside shot, and the MVP candidate (Tony Parker) didn't rise to the occasion. Give OKC credit for their game adjustments but this Spurs team imploding the way they did was unacceptable.

Was this season a success or a failure for the Spurs? No one really expected them to be here but yet the Spurs were two wins away from a return NBA Finals trip.

A failure. Pure and simple. This team was built for a championship run and fell short when it mattered. To go up 2-0, lose home court advantage, and blow an 18-point lead in Game 6 tells you a lot about this squad. Just another wasted season for the few years left Tim Duncan, Parker and Manu Ginobili have together.

What's next now for the Spurs in terms of the roster? Has the window been slammed shut?

They still need size. Tiago Splitter just hasn't worked out. DeJuan Blair once again was benched in the playoffs (for the most part until the OKC series) and Matt Bonner disappeared again from the playoffs. There are reports center Erazem Lorbek may be coming to the Spurs next season which will help them in the paint. This team still needs to get more athleticism and add a better shooting guard (Danny Green is good but he, too, fizzled in the playoffs). They should bring back Stephen Jackson, Boris Diaw, Patty Mills and hope Duncan resigns at a manageable contract to help the team get the players they need. The window isn't shut completely but OKC will prove to be a huge obstacle in any future run at a title.

PHOTO CREDIT: Layne Murdoch/Getty Images.

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