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2012 NBA Playoff Wrap-Up: Orlando Magic

This was the quickest playoff run in years for Orlando. They went down in five games against the very good Indiana Pacers. I get reaction from the disappointed Colleen Burns (@ColleenBurns) from the LadyBallers. She is DEFINITELY not looking forward to the offseason.

Well, the Pacers in five, indeed. Anything surprise you at all?

Well, Dwight not being in attendance for ANY game for his team from the city he loves really was shocking. Other than that, I didn't expect us to win the first game but it makes sense now that I think about it; Pacers expected to roll through us and the Magic has a small thing to say about it.

Oh, you are stuck on the DH comment? He's hurt? Yeah, we know. But, he could also have traveled with his doctor if he really cared. Oh, the doc didn't want him flying? How about a drive? At least one of the PLAYOFF games, come on DH.

It was Big Baby carrying the offense and he did a pretty good job. I know you don't like him but were there any better options at that point?

Don't get me wrong, Davis is okay... I am personally just not a fan. Do I have a specific reason? Not really other than he isn't consistent, I haven't seen much from him in the community involvement area. Oh, and Brandon Bass is so much more awesome in every aspect of the game and life and I miss him.

Better options? I really don't think so unless we had another point guard who could work better with getting the ball in the hands of JJ and Ryan.

So what's next for the Magic? Obviously, you mentioned you'd rather keep Stan than Dwight... but is there a way for them to fix this all?

This is so hard for me to address because I am usually very positive about my team but the Orlando Magic have recently been making me re-visit issues I have had with sports since 1995: Politics.

From the lock-out to the Dwight drama, I really took a hiatus this season from getting involved all around and it makes me sad. I am disappointed in myself because I should expect politics to get in the way as it's just the way the world works.

It's really going to be hard to bounce back from these issues, especially for a city that wasn't already 100% committed to this team when we had our ish together. Sigh... I can only wish and hope for the best!

PHOTO CREDIT: Ron Hoskins/Getty Images.

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