2012 NBA Playoff Wrap-Up: New York Knicks

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The New York Knicks were worked over pretty quickly by the Miami Heat in the first round... but you can't say there was another squad that had a more up and down season than the Knicks. With the Knicks out of the postseason, I talk to Seth Rosenthal (@seth_rosenthal) of Posting And Toasting to get his reaction from the Knicks' brief postseason run.

I know you predicted a sweep for the Knicks and all... but, seriously, was a 5-game series what you really expected out of this series?

No, but I also didn't expect Tyson Chandler to be dehydrated and delirious for a game or two, Iman Shumpert to suffer the most upsetting Knick injury of the last decade or so, and Baron Davis to shred his knee in half. Obviously, it wasn't just injuries-- Mike Woodson got out-coached at times and the team's effort often lagged-- but it did feel like the Knicks were lucky to even take a game.

Anyone in this team particularly impress you in this series?



Can I say no? Mike Bibby? Mike Bibby really stepped up when called upon. Good job, Mike!

What's next for the Knicks?

Welp, they've gotta get healthy, they've gotta figure out which of their many free agents they want to keep around, and they've gotta figure out who they want to be their long-term coach. They'll probably do those things in the reverse order of how I just presented them, but I already did all that typing and don't feel like deleting it.

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