2012 NBA Mock Draft V4.0: Picks 24-30

The 2012 NBA Draft is deeper than these sorts of things generally tend to be, and that means there will be plenty of talent available at the bottom of the first round. Despite that, though, the main story of the last week for teams picking in this segment of the draft has been potential trades.  

Of the seven teams selecting between picks nos. 24 and 30 -- Cleveland Cavaliers, Memphis Grizzlies, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors -- only three seem content with their positioning. The Pacers, Heat and Bulls, barring some sort of change between now and June 28, will stay in place and pick the top prospect on their draft board. The others, however, beginning with Cleveland and ending with Golden State, will look to either move up or trade away their picks.

Regardless of what ultimately ends up happening on the transactions front, each of the squads noted is still actively scouting potential picks. Even if they want to make some sort of move between now and draft night, the likelihood of everyone that's hoping to make a move actually being able to do so is slim.

With that in mind, here are some of the more interesting player-related storylines to keep an eye on as it pertains to this portion of the proceedings: both of the bigs projected to go in this segment -- Fab Melo and Festus Ezeli -- are extremely raw offensively, will that hurt their stock more than most analysts have been anticipating it would? How high a pick will Tony Wroten’s size and upside ultimately earn him? Will Tyshawn Taylor go higher than expected because of certain teams’ woes at the point? Who goes higher: Jeffrey Taylor or Quincy Miller?

And as far as team-related storylines to watch: will Cleveland look to address size late in the first round, seeing as either Harrison Barnes or Bradley Beal will likely be the team’s selection at No. 4? Will Golden State actually hold on to its No. 30 pick? Will Miami aim to address its big man deficiencies, even if all of the players available (despite their big bodies) don’t actually plug the team’s holes? Will OKC be able to trade their selection away?

We analyze all that and more in our projections for picks nos. 24-30.   

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