2012 NBA Mock Draft: Picks 24-30


The players that will be selected at the tail end of the 2012 NBA Draft are substantially better than the players that were available at this same point in the 2011 Draft. Because of how deep this year’s proceedings are, teams that are picking at this late stage (championship contenders and almost championship contenders) will be able to bolster their weaknesses and add some legitimate depth, presuming they make the right moves.

Above all else, the story of these last seven picks will be the offensive promise available. In Doron Lamb, Royce White, Andrew Nicholson and Tony Wroten you quite clearly have some of the most effective and versatile scorers in this year’s class. And while none of these guys may be franchise-changing superstars, per se, each brings an NBA-caliber game to the table – pretty much all you can ask from any draft pick.

Teams like the Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder and Chicago Bulls will be picking in this portion of the draft, and each of these teams (with the exception of Orlando) would provide perfect environments for youngsters who need to be introduced to the pro game slowly. Players who immediately get thrust into an NBA action with no preparation sometimes succeed and sometimes fail, but players who are given time to acclimate to their surroundings almost always find a role on their respective teams.

The most interesting thing to watch for here, obviously, is what the Magic will do. Given how precarious the state of affairs is down there between the uncertainty surrounding Stan Van Gundy’s future and Dwight Howard’s intentions, the powers that be are going to really have to put serious thought into what they want to do with their selection. There is talent to be had either way, but which talent will be best-suited for this team is dependent on what the gameplan going forward is.

With that in mind, here is how we envision picks Nos. 24-30 shaking out.

[Check out picks 1-7]

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[Check out picks 16-23]

*Team standings based on Week of March 25.

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