2012 NBA Highlights: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Indiana Pacers (Nov. 27)


The Los Angeles Lakers are inexplicably bad this year. To be 7-8 when your team is this stacked is unbelievable. Forget the fact that this group obviously lacks a legit bench. Forget the absence of three-point shooters. Forget Steve Nash being out. When you take the players that the Lakers do have, and you combine that with the schedule they have played up to this point, it is ridiculous that this team is as tremendously awful as it is.

Yesterday, at home, L.A. fell to the Indiana Pacers 79-77. Yes, technically the defeat came on a flukey George Hill layup, but really the Lakers looked like they deserved to lose from the onset.

Kobe Bryant had 40 points (on 12-of-28 shooting) and 10 rebounds, but he also recorded 10 turnovers. Pau Gasol had 10 points on two-of-nine shooting. Dwight Howard had as quiet a 17 points and eight rebounds as you will ever see.

Hill led all Pacers scorers with 19 points on seven-of-12 shooting.

Check out the “highlights” from this one in the video below.

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