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2012 NBA Fantasy Basketball: Lakers, Spurs, Clippers, Rockets (Trade Deadline Edition)

I’m going to try to do this in terms of Most Important…

- Ramon Sessions traded to the Lakers. He’s probably already gone if your league is anything resembling competitive, but since it’s close to the end of the season, maybe enough people are slacking off that you can grab him. Do it now. I’ll wait. Okay, now that you’re back, you can continue on, but come back to this article on how it might seem like the Lakers are trying to win, but they’re also trying to lower their payroll and it doesn’t seem to bode well for the Lakers in the future. Fun fact: Kobe Bryant is the only remaining Lakers player from their three-peat in 2000-2002.

- Nene heads to Washington giving the Nuggets enough room to sign Wilson Chandler. Go pick him up. Now. he’ll fit nicely alongside your newly added Ramon Sessions. If he’s not available, that’s okay, I think people have been hoarding him off and on for weeks.

- Stephen Jackson to the Spurs. He should have stayed in San Antonio all those years ago, but went chasing money and didn’t do too badly until he ended up in Minnesota. The Spurs sent back Richard Jefferson, which basically means that Jackson will get at least 28 a minutes a game and is certain to be more productive than Jefferson ever was. As for Jefferson, well, I guess that means we should all keep holding on to Dorell Wright. Smart move for the Warriors since Jackson’s not getting any younger, and Wright has started to heat up again and they get a conditional first round pick this year to see if they can add more young talent. Also, anyone else think it’s funny how we can say something like “Jackson will return to the Spurs team where he won a championship” even though that was 11 years ago because the Spurs are still basically the same team? 11 years. Wow.

- Nick Young goes to the Clippers. He’s already at 82% owned (though I didn’t check his numbers prior to the trade). Slotted in as the starting sG for the Clips.

On the other end of those Clippers and Nuggets deals, JaVale McGee goes to Denver. I didn’t realize the Nuggets thought so highly of Kenneth Faried, but evidently they do and they’re willing to make him the starter alongside McGee. I’m not sure where exactly Chandler fits in there with Gallinari back (and playing well), but I bet they can make it work for the Nuggets who matter.

- Marcus Camby goes to Houston (for nothing). He’s at 50% owned right now, so if you need a big man, he’s almost got to be the one with the highest potential right now. We already know that Kevin McHale has no love for Samuel Dalembert, so I can see Camby getting big minutes at Center for the Rockets. On the other side, since the Blazers get basically no one back (Hasheem Thabeet? Really?) I think that Joel Pryzbilla becomes a tentative add since the Blazers don’t really have anyone who can play Center (besides Thabeet until Mehmet Okur comes back). I mean, Kurt Thomas can play decently when he get minutes, but I can’t see them running him out there for 30 minutes a game…

- Speaking of the Blazers, they also took advantage of a panicked Nets team to send Gerald Wallace across the country for Okur, Shawne Williams, and their first round pick this year. Unless the Nets end up in the Top 3 spots, the Blazers will have a very high draft pick, plus two salary dumpable players in exchange for someone they didn’t really need since Nicholas Batum finally decided to start playing to his potential. Wallace is already owned in 99% of leagues, and even though he’ll start for the Nets (say buh-bye to DeShawn Stevenson) I wouldn’t try to trade for him or anything at this point.

I think that covers. I’m sure you’ll let me know in the comments if I missed anything, but there’s only so much time in a day…

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