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2012 NBA Eastern Conference Finals Recap: Heat vs. Celtics Game 6

EAST Finals * Game 6 * Series is tied, 3-3

LeBron James was all business.

The game was in the palm of LeBron's hands. It was one of those special moments. And it was long overdue.

Yes, LeBron has been outstanding throughout these playoffs. But he went to that extra gear that every superstar would do. He dissected the Boston defense in nearly every way possible. Lay-ups, turnaround jumpers, dunks, and three-pointers.

It was really the perfect storm for the Heat. LeBron went overdrive, yes, but Boston picked the wrong time to clank every open look they had. The Celtics only went 1/14 behind the arc. That's amazingly inept. Paul Pierce went 4/18. Rajon Rondo led the Celtics with 21 points and 10 assists but the Celtics were down by double digits for most of the game and they never had a chance. Kinda like back in the day when Screech never stood a chance on getting Lisa Turtle.

Dwyane Wade was the only other Heat player that finished in double figures (17 points) but for a while, he wasn't making any shots. Still, he contributed in other ways (8 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals).

But let's go back to LeBron's performance: 45 points, 15 boards, and 5 assists. Yes, you can call him a douchebag off the court. Yes, he's had his moments where he hasn't come through, which gives people the opportunity to call themselves funny by putting out those tired 4th quarter jokes. But LeBron has undeniable talent. People are probably saying he's not playing well these playoffs when he's averaged a 30-9-5 line in the playoffs. It's the standard he's set for himself and everyone else. But if you're a real basketball fan, you have to love this performance. He was on another level. 45 points in a conference elimination game? And if they were eliminated, everybody would annihilate him from all angles? Amazing. You talk about making love to pressure; he made pressure his b**ch in Game 6.

Yes, he might need another performance like this in Game 7. And he'll be unfairly railed once again if he has his usual 29-7-7 performance in that game and they lose. But you can't deny his greatness and you can't say that he doesn't want it.

Game 7 for a Finals berth? Between the supposed future of the NBA and the old guard that's trying to hang on? I am sold. Get here quickly, Saturday.

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