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2012 NBA Draft Round 2 Winners and Losers: Team Grades

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I claimed the chances of NBA decision makers reading my articles was slim. Mark Cuban commented and proved me wrong. I claimed the chances of them taking my advice were all but nonexistant. Again, Cuban proved me wrong as the Mavs make perhaps the best pick of the draft so far with Jae Crowder at number 34. Grade: A+ -James

#35 Warriors select Draymond Green

  • Grade: A-

The Warriors probably blew their first two, but Draymond Green is an excellent pick up in the second round. Solid, productive player.

#40 Portland Trail Blazers select Will Barton

  • Grade: A+

Maybe Paul Allen isn’t completely nuts! Maybe not. Barton is good at everything. Why did he fall so much? Who knows, but he’ll definitely help out the Blazers. They picked up Tyshawn Taylor with their next pick but word is he’s going to Brooklyn, so all good.

#48 New York Knicks select Kostas Papanikolauo

  • Grade: B

If you’re gonna pick an international player, at least pick one with good stats. His shooting and rebounding are quite impressive. As long as Amare is hogging a spot the Knicks will hurt but Kostas may be able to help.

#49 Orlando selects Kyle O’Quinn

  • Grade: A

Orlando actually selects two solid bigs in the draft? I’m shocked. It’s probably insurance for the impending Dwight Howard departure. The question is, why couldn’t they draft well when Howard was actually on a long contract?

Denver, Golden State and Philadelphia go for the mystery box?

Izzet Turkyilmaz for the Nuggets at #50, with virtually no playing time. He is tall though although his rebounding sucks! And the Warriors selected Ognjen Kuzmic at #52, with literally no playing time. Philadelphia picked up Tornike Shengelia at #54. His numbers were poor. The only common trend is height. Well here’s hoping tall and European pans out. They can just ask TorontoThis slew of mystery box selections actually got worse. I couldn’t look up players I’d never heard of fast enough. This may get its own post.

#59 San Antonio Spurs select Marcus Denmon

  • Grade: A

Wow, the Spurs left the draft alone and assumed a top player would be available at the very end. Turns out they were right. Great shooting, he doesn’t foul or turn the ball over and is good at stealing. In a world where shooting guards are weak, the Spurs seem pretty good at finding them in the draft.

Let us know if there’s players you’d like us to go more in depth on. The draft was a lot of fun, although not necessarily for the teams the writers of this blog typically root for.

-Dre and James

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