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2012 NBA All-Star Game Video: Top 10 Plays of the Game

The main attraction of NBA All-Star Weekend needed to really be on point to make up for an awful Saturday night, and in some ways the game really did outperform expectations.

You had Kobe Bryant breaking Michael Jordan’s record. You had Dwyane Wade unnecessarily breaking Bryant’s nose. You had LeBron James looking like a superhero and leading the East back from a massive deficit. Then, you had LeBron James looking very, very human when he failed in the clutch…again. You had Dwight Howard awkwardly pretending he loved Orlando after spending the last year admitting he was probably leaving. And of course, you had Kevin Durant taking home MVP honors after his Western Conference squad won the game, 152-149.

Check out the very best that Sunday’s All-Star Game had to offer in the video below.

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