2012 MLB Season Preview: American League Quick Hits

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Many American League teams have significant storylines to keep up with in 2012. You’ve heard all the popular ones. Here are some you may have overlooked and should start monitoring as the season goes on.

New York Yankees: Will Alex Rodriguez actually answer a question from us this year? Last year we asked him about how whether he thinks he is a smarter hitter as he gets older, and he said he was looking forward to the game that night and walked away.

Tampa Bay Rays: Will there ever be more Rays fans than Yankees fans in the stands when New York comes to town?

Boston Red Sox: On average, how many times will Bobby Valentine say the word “guy” in his postgame press conferences?

Toronto Blue Jays: How long before the fans realize that their luck has run out when Darren Oliver enters a game?

Baltimore Orioles: Will they be out of it in March?

Minnesota Twins: If Denard Span could stay healthy, fans would realize he already would be elsewhere.

Chicago White Sox: Will Robin Ventura charge the owner’s box when they play the Rangers? Will he regret it?

Detroit Tigers: How many Doug Fister jokes will be told per inning?

Cleveland Indians: Will it be time to pop in a copy of Major League at midyear to cheer the fans up? It’s the only way the Indians can win.

Kansas City Royals: How long before Kevin Seitzer is highly and widely recognized as the great hitting coach he truly is?

Texas Rangers: When will Yu Darvish start drawing comparisons to Kei Igawa?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: When will Torii Hunter turn down an interview request? Likely never. One of the nicest guys in the game. You’ll get an autograph if you try.

Seattle Mariners: No one will notice when Jesus Montero is hitting .190 in June.

Oakland A’s: Coco Crisp looks like a mummy when he walks through a clubhouse. I am worried a piece will fall off, like he is an action figure. I’ve never seen a player wrapped up in so much bandages, etc. in my life. Yet he still puts it all out there on the field. Next time you watch an A’s game in person, you should admire Crisp for his toughness.

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