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2012 McDonald's All-American Game Quck Hits

The 2012 McDonald's All-American event today started with team practices. Here are some notes, thoughts and observations from practice:

  • Tyler Lewis caught my eye in warm up drills with his dribbling, shooting and quickness. Looks like he really needs to work on his strength, but Tyler Lewis has a great offensive foundation.
  • Marcus Paige shot the ball lights out from downtown during the West scrimmage. He had split second openings and that was just long enough for him to drain a couple from deep.
  • Family integration into practice and this whole experience is awesome. Parents and other family members and friends are not only present, they are socializing with others while cheering their favorite players on.
  • Defense was lackluster. During scrimmages it picked up some, there were a few nice blocks, but during drills, there were real lapses from the East boys. Surely this isn't an environment where stifling defense is expected, but a little more effort would be nice.
  • Camaraderie between these players is already there. These players don't play together, but when good players meet and play together, it doesn't take long. Of course they're friends off the court, but  it translated on the court. Eventually, in these players futures, opportunities to play together may arise. They'll be ready for it.
  • Kyle Anderson said his throat was hurting, but he still practiced. Didn't seem crazy sharp and complained more than desired. Hopefully he'll feel better as the week rolls on.
  • Athleticism came out in the scrimmages. Rim rattling dunks, quick guards speeding up the floor and a few blocks made it a hoot. These athletes are remarkable and this is there first national showcase.

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