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2012 Olympics Video: Sally Pearson Wins Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles, Lolo Jones Finishes 4th

Lolo Jones has and will continue to be the most highly-scrutinized U.S. women’s hurdler around, but she was largely an afterthought during the 100-meter final that took place on Tuesday afternoon.

With the whole world watching and gold on the line, Australia's Sally Pearson beat out American Dawn Harper in an Olympic record 12.35 seconds. Harper finished second with a time of 12.37 seconds, and fellow American Kellie Wells finished third with a time of 12.48 seconds.

Jones finished fourth with a time of 12.58.

After the race, Jones was understandably crushed by the end result.

"I'll definitely be reading my Bible and try to grasp the positives and see what God has to teach me from all this," she told reporters (via USA Today).

"That's the only way I feel I can get rebalanced right now, because I am so broken-hearted."

There will be plenty of time to overanalyze what it means that Jones came this close but couldn’t ultimately capture the medal that she so desperately wanted, but this isn’t that time. For now, the right thing to do is to pay respect to the winners, and to let Jones come to terms with what happened on her own schedule.

(Kudos CBS Sports, USA Today)

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