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2012 Fantasy Football Week 6 Defense Rankings: Ravens, 49ers, Steelers, Dolphins and More

1.  Baltimore Ravens (DAL) – The Ravens haven’t been as good as most predicted as the loss of T-Sizzle has affected them more than anticipated.  I like them a lot in this match up as I think they can give Romo a lot of different looks, and Romo hasn’t been the best at recognizing defenses in the past.  If the Ravens can consistently bring the kind of pressure I expect them to, I would expect this to be another high turnover night for the Cowboys.

2.  San Francisco 49ers (NYG) – San Francisco has been almost perfect on both sides of the ball the past two weeks, and this is the game they’ve had circled on their calendar since last January.  I expect another top performance from them this week, but have them at number two based on the potential explosiveness of the Giants’ offense.  Let’s not pretend that the Giants haven’t been looking forward to this game also.

3.  Pittsburgh Steelers (@TEN) – The Steelers will be missing Polamalu and most likely Woodley as well.  I’m not sure it will matter as the Tennessee offense has been awful except for their unexpected explosion against the hapless Detroit Lions.  With their inability to run the ball, the Titans will be hard pressed to sustain any significant drives.  This was evident last week when they couldn’t get past Minnesota’s 45 yard line until the fourth quarter when the game was already out of reach.  Love this matchup for the Steelers.

4.  Atlanta Falcons (OAK) – I expect the Falcons to easily take care of business at home after squeaking to victories the past two weeks.  They shouldn’t have a hard time putting up points against an Oakland team that is giving up over 30 points per game.  Call me crazy, but I don’t see Carson Palmer having much success when the Raiders need to play one-dimensionally.  The Falcons are second in the league in interceptions (behind CHI), and I expect them to add to their total this week.

5.  Miami Dolphins (STL) – First came the Cardinals. Then came the Vikings.  Now it’s the Dolphins’ turn.  They lead the league in rushing yards allowed per game, and looked great last week in Cincinnati.  This week they get a Rams team at home who is missing their most productive player so far this season in Danny Amendola.  With Amendola, the Rams were 30th in passing yards per game.  Expect Cameron Wake to be in Sam Bradford’s face all game long.

6.  New England Patriots (@SEA) – While I think the 12th man could cause some problems for Brady and company, I still expect them to be able to put some points on the board.  The Patriots’ rush defense has surprisingly been one of the league’s best (8th, 82.2 ypg).  I was a big Russel Wilson believer after watching him at Wisconsin, and throughout the preseason.  Sadly, it looks like I may have been wrong.  He has to make better, faster decisions. Until he does, I expect him to commit turnovers in a game where everyone knows Seattle has to pass.

7.  Arizona Cardinals (BUF)  – Arizona is looking to bounce back from their first loss of the season to the Rams on national television.  The Bills are looking to bounce back from doing almost nothing last week in San Francisco.  I expect the Bills to be able to put some points up, but we all know that Ryan Fitzpatrick will gift some turnovers to the Cardinals.

8. Minnesota Vikings (@WAS) – The Minnesota Vikings defense did not disappoint last week, holding the Titans to a garbage time touchdown.  This week they will face a tougher test, playing at Washington.  If Griffin can’t play this week, then Minnesota’s ranking would move up a few spots.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (DET) – Over the past few seasons we’ve seen that elite quarterbacks can overcome a lacking run game (Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Peyton).  With Stafford’s breakout year many fantasy players predicted him to be able to join that group and put up a lot of points.  They’ve broken 30 pts only once this season, and that was against the Titans where they scored 14 points in the final 18 seconds.  

10.  Houston Texans (GB) – Not the best matchup for the Texans, especially coming off a short week.  The loss of Brian Cushing will hurt, but their pass rush will still be elite with J.J. Watt leading the way.  The Packers are no longer a “must avoid” offense to me, not until their offensive line can give Rodgers time in the pocket.

11.  Cincinnati Bengals (@CLE)
12.  New York Jets (IND)
13.  New York Giants (@SF)
14.  St. Louis Rams (@MIA)
15.  Indianapolis Colts (@NYJ)
16.  Seattle Seahawks (NE)
17.  Dallas Cowboys (@BAL)
18.  Washington Redskins (MIN)
19.  Cleveland Browns (CIN)
20.  Buffalo Bills (@ARI)
21.  Tennessee Titans (PIT)
22.  Kansas City Chiefs (@TB)
23.  Green Bay Packers (@HOU)
24.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (KC)
25.  San Diego Chargers (DEN)
26.  Denver Broncos (@SD)
27.  Detroit Lions (@PHI)
28.  Oakland Raiders (@ATL)

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