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2012 Fantasy Football Players to Watch: Marshawn Lynch, Percy Harvin, Aaron Rodgers and More

Marshawn Lynch – He may be one DUI away from Roger Goodell lowering the boom, but the production was finally there last year. There isn’t much to speak of in the way of competition in Seattle, and no matter who is at QB (Wilson, Flynn) the Seahawks will lean heavily on the run.

When Lynch was on the Cal campus he was known to walk around with a grill in his mouth at all times, and I would bet my grill, which I wear whenever I take my dog for a walk, that last year wasn’t just a flash in the pan. Better bring your Skittles, because Marshawn Lynch is about to go Beast Mode.

Percy Harvin – Last season started off like most of Percy Harvin’s time in the NFL – underwhelming. There have always been the flashes of potential, but never the extended level of play that would classify him as an elite receiver. Then Christian Ponder took over and decided, much like everybody else in the world, that the rest of the Vikings receivers weren’t very good. Add in the rushing attempts that Harvin randomly gets and you’re looking at the most productive receiver in the NFL over the second half of the season not named Megatron. Look for Percy to continue to see his role grow as the Vikings work on not running AP in to the ground.

Aaron Rodgers – Is anybody else freaked out by the fact that he’s only 28? Isn’t that when an athlete is supposed to come in to their prime? Is is possible that we haven’t reached the ceiling yet? I’m not sure you can expect Rodgers to have a much better year than he did last season, but even if he’s anywhere close isn’t that pretty damn great? Greg Jennings is healthy, Jordy Nelson should have a larger role this season and many have Randall Cobb poised for a breakout. If Jermichael Finley can do something about his stone hands then this receiving core will put up some serious numbers with Rodgers throwing them the ball. Possibly the best thing to happen to Rodgers going in to the season is the addition of Cedric Benson. He’s not the same Cedric Benson, but he can do something the Packers were unable to do in the fourth quarter last season – slow the game down.

Rob Gronkowski – It’s pretty clear that he won the offseason. Nobody had more fun than Gronk, and that may have some people worried, but not me. Reports are that Gronk lost 10 pounds to prepare for more downfield passes from Brady. It makes sense when you take in to account the fact that the Gronk is 6-foot-7 and has hands the size of small TV’s. Sure, it’s a toss up with Jimmy Graham, but I’m leaning towards the cover boy. #GronkNation

Arian Foster – What more can you say? The guy’s an absolute stud. There are some issues with his O-line and when you’re getting the amount of touches he gets there is always the chance of injury, but don’t look in to it too much. If you have the No. 1 pick in your draft and you don’t pick Arian Foster then you are, as I like to say, Herm Edwards crazy.

SLEEPER: Jay Cutler – Hot girl? Check. Laser, rocket arm? Check. Diabetes under control and no longer sneaky fat? Check. Elite receiver with whom you have amazing chemistry? Check. Two backs that need to be respected? Check. Skinnier, motivated Alshon Jeffery? Check. Mike Martz not allowed anywhere near the building? Double check. What does it all mean? Jay Cutler is in line for a big year.

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