2012 Fantasy Football Analysis: Chris Johnson, Andrew Hawkins, C.J. Spiller, Sam Bradford and More

What Is Good With Chris Johnson?

Nothing. Absolutely, positively nothing.

21 yards in two games? Are you kidding me? I swear on all my extra pine tar that I would be able to get more yards than that in two games. I may not be able to walk again, but I’d get you 22 yards.

What’s the reasoning for the transformation from CJ2K to someone who is impressed with Cedric Benson’s YPC? Last year you could certainly blame it on the hold out and towards the end of the year we actually saw the golden-toothed phenom everyone thought they drafted. So why is this year starting off even worse?

Well, it could have something to do with the fact that the Tennessee Titans aren’t very “good.” Having to constantly play from behind makes it hard for any running back to get anything going. But the Titans have a young, inexperienced quarterback who has had some accuracy issues in the past (and present) – wouldn’t it be beneficial to throw some screens to one of the fastest players in the league and try to get him in some open space?

Even when Johnson does get to carry the ball he dances and hesitates behind his blockers like a young Laurence Maroney. It’s just an awful situation that is only perpetuated by his comments after the game:

“People need to step up and do their job,” Johnson said. “They don’t need to let people beat them. It don’t matter who the opposing defense is, you can’t let your guy beat you. You just can’t give up plays. You have to make plays like they make plays. I can’t speak for the defense. I can only speak for the offense.”

You know who needs to step up and do their job, Chris? You do, buddy. Because owners won’t even be able to trade you right now for anything that even resembles a fair trade.

Chris Johnson Owner – “Hey, how about CJ for Bilal Powell?”

Bilal Powell owner -“Hey, how about f**k yourself?”

Ok, it’s not that bad, yet. There isn’t much in the way of a back up down in Tennessee, but maybe picking up Darius Renaud wouldn’t be the worst thing seeing as how Javon Ringer won’t be playing anytime in the near future.

There’s still reason for hope here and he may end up figuring it out sooner rather than later. The Chargers and Patriots both have strong run defenses, ranking 2nd and 6th respectively. The road ahead is no easier, though, with his next four games coming against Detroit, Houston, Minnesota and then Pittsburgh.

So really, the situation is kind of bleak. I wouldn’t start him next week if you have a better option, and you should certainly field offers for him on the market. For now, I’m just hoping against hope that there’s some big games left in those legs.

Cincinatti Has Something With Andrew Hawkins

He may have seen his targets drop from 9 to 3, but he made the most of it, darting and dashing his way to a 50-yard touchdown. His speed and lateral quickness is Darren Sproles-esque and he would be the perfect compliment to the weapons that Cincinnati already has in AJ Green, Jermaine Gresham and BJGE. I believe that Cincinnati is going to start to add more and more plays into their offense to allow Hawkins to have the ball in his hands with a chance to create.

Fred Jackson Is Going To Have To Find A New Job

The Bills are CJ Spiller’s team now. If a playoff team has a running back go down you can bet your ass there will a lot of interest in getting Fred Jackson out of Buffalo. Other than that, Jackson’s fantasy value – as anything other than an expensive handcuff – is just slightly higher than Chris Johnson and Bilal Powell.

Is “The Kid” Back?

Sam Bradford looked good in week one and looked great yesterday. Danny Amendola is the new Wes Welker and Daryl Richardson is a tiny Steven Jackson. The Rams vs the Redskins was one of the more entertaining games on Sunday (who the hell ever thought they’d say that?) and it wasn’t just because of RG3. There’s potential in the St. Louis offense. A second receiver is going to have to emerge to take attention away from Amendola, and I’m still waiting for the other Steve Smith to let the world know he still plays football, but the pieces are starting to fall in to place.

Bradford could be in for a big year and if you’re not to enthused with your backup quarterback situation then it may pay huge dividends to give him a speculative add.

There’s So Many Good Tight Ends Out There 

Dennis Pitta, Scott Chandler, Martellus Bennet, Marcedes Lewis (even though he didn’t register a catch last game), Brent Celek, Kyle Rudolph, Brandon Myers, Dante Rosario; they are all available in a vast majority of leagues and have put up solid – and some even huge – numbers.

How can you single out who the best pick up would be? Let’s try and figure it out.

Celek’s monster game can be looked at as a bit of an anomaly. Maclin went out with an injury and presumably some of those Celek passes would have gone the wide receiver’s way. Still, Maclin’s territory is much farther down the field than Celek’s. Yesterday, the little check downs that usually go to McCoy were all coming Celek’s way. He’s a beast after that catch and he showed that and then some as he went off for 8 catches and 157 yards.

Martellus Bennet had five catches for 72 yards and a touchdown (while dropping another TD). He’s a viable, consistent part of the Giants offense and if this Ahmad Bradshaw injury is anywhere near serious, then Eli may be throwing the ball as much as he did Sunday on a regular basis.

Scott Chandler is a touchdown machine and is going to be hit or miss. Same can be said for Marcedes Lewis. Kyle Rudolph is very similar to these two, but he seems to have found his way in to the offense on a regular basis and not just around the goal line.

Dante Rosario seemingly leapfrogged Randy McMichael as Antonio Gates’ go to replacement in the passing game yesterday and if you’re a Gates owner, you might want to take a good hard look at Rosario after the day he had yesterday. If Gates is healthy, he’s the man, but that’s a big if.

Dennis Pitta, in two games so far this season, is behind only Jimmy Graham in receptions. The days of a time share with Ed Dickson ruining any fantasy production are over. Flacco loves throwing the ball Pitta’s way and it seems that with the Ravens new offense, that won’t be changing any time soon.

Brandon Myers has put up the most points without scoring a touchdown and really seems to jelling with Carson Palmer.

What does it all mean? Well, every year there are a couple tight ends that emerge as bona fide studs, dishing out the production of a wide receiver and becoming one of those players that you just leave in your lineup no matter what. If I had to choose three guys to after they’d be Pitta, Bennet and Myers – in order.

For all you Aaron Hernandez owners, there is hope.

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