2012 Fantasy Basketball Offseason News Round-Up


There’s a lot going on behind the scenes at GMTR in preparation for the 2012-13 season, and now that things have settled down a bit with regard to player movement, it seems like a good time to throw out some links for you to read to begin your own prep for the season (assuming you have time when not getting ready for fantasy football).

This is kind of old now, but Damn Lies and Stats has a mock draft up.

Much more recently (as in yesterday), Jason at fbasketballblog posted his Top 150 players. We’ll have ours up soon as well, along with everyone’s favorite “tier sheet”…

If you want some rankings to compare to, be careful before using the ones at ESPN unless you’re in a 10-team 8-category rotisserie league with only 1 Center required. It sounds much less like a normal league the way they explain it on their page, but since we focus on H2H usually over here, I thought maybe some Roto rankings might be helpful.

Our friends at fantasybasketballdaily break down the Dwight Howard trade. More on Dwight Howard from Justin Fensterman at KFFL.

And finally, 101 funny fantasy basketball team names.


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