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2012 Fantasy Basketball: Goran Dragic, Kyle Lowry, Ersan Ilyasova, Andre Iguodala and More

In uncharacteristic fashion, we’re going to lead out with the Waiver Wire Line of the Night: because it’s all about Goran Dragic (1.33). Since Kyle Lowry is expected to miss 2-4 weeks, Patrick has already put out an add order on Dragic. 20 points (4 threes, 7-11 from the field), 8 assists (6% owned). I unfortunately missed out by a few minutes in grabbing him in most of my leagues and was only able to snag him in three and the worst part is that I wasn’t able to pick Goran in the leagues where I own Lowry. That speaks volumes about the caliber of competition I’m facing in most of my leagues. Kudos, worthy opponents. Well played. That being said, if Dragic is available in your league, go and grab him now. While he isn’t Kyle Lowry, as Patrick mentioned, he is a reasonable add to make up for the loss.

Line of the Night:Ersan Ilyasova (2.95) has truly come into his own this season and I personally can’t wait to begin projecting his fantasy outlook for next season. I really enjoy combo-forwards, and lately Ersan has been up there holding his own with some of the best fantasy hoops have to offer. He capped off last night with 31 points (3 threes, 11-16 from the field, 6-6 from the line), 12 rebounds, and 2 steals.

Honorable Mentions:

Andre Iguodala (2.60) had a good outing for the 76ers as he guided the team to victory via his 19 points (7-11 from the field), seven boards, eight dimes, and four steals. There is no doubt that AI9 is a key cog in the Sixers’ offense and when he does fare well, it usually translates to a W for both Philly and fantasy teams that own Iguodala.

Dwight Howard (2.31) may or may not be traded by the March 15 trade deadline. But at this point all we have is speculation to keep us sated for the time being. Until talks heat up further we’re going to have to continue enjoying D12′s production for the Magic similar to last night’s performance where he was an excellent 11-14 from the field to finish with 30 points and 13 boards. He also added five assists and four steals to round out his impressive line.

Antawn Jamison (2.16) had a good night for the Cavs as he posted 28 points via 4 treys and making all eight of his attempts from the foul line.

Dorell Wright (1.78) made a rare (at least for this season) fantasy appearance in the Golden State Warriors’ win over the Los Angeles Clippers. THIS was the D. Wright we were expecting to get when we took him in the late-second to early-third rounds of the draft this season. Unfortunately for his owners nights where we’ve seen him go for 20 points, shooting four treys and grabbing five rebounds and nabbing two steals; have come too few and far between. Even with Stephen Curry regularly sprained ankle, Dorrell has found it difficult to muster any form of bankable consistency. Sadly last night’s good performance has been the exception and not the rule for him this season.

Kevin Garnett (1.78) has been steadily doing well since he moved to playing C for the Celtics. It’s too bad that his 14/11/5 night was not enough to carry Boston passed their classic rivals, the Lakers.

Pick Up Lines: Randy Foye (1.19) has been playing a game of alternating “hit or miss” with Mo Williams lately. And last night, it was Foye who was doing the hitting while Williams was doing most of the missing. Remember that LAC has five games this week, so it would be a huge blessing to see Foye repeat his 16-point performance last night in at least two of this weeks games. He hit three treys and dished four assists while getting three blocks versus the GS Warriors. (17% owned)

Ramon Sessions (1.10) is an intriguing stash leading up to the trade deadline as he’s been shopped around by Cleveland a lot. There’s no doubt that Sessions is capable of more productivity in a team that doesn’t have too much depth at the guard position, or has the hand-down rookie of the year PG playing ahead of him. Sessions finished with 15 points and 7 assists (43% owned)

In the odd event that you belong in one of the leagues that comprise the 59% that has a guy like  Evan Turner (0.98) just lounging around in the FA pool, go ahead and grab him. He’s been playing awesome ever since he broke into the starting lineup. It might just be a late break out, but I’m sure it’s nonetheless appreciated. He went 24-15, but committed five turnovers in the process, but was clearly owning the Knicks as he efficiently was able to score over their defense (or lack thereof) almost at will.

Biggest Loser:

Caron Butler (-1.53) was probably still shaken up from the bad fall he took in the Clippers’ last game, as evidenced by his one-point, one-rebound game where he went for a painful 0-6 from the field.

Jrue Holiday (-1.27) had an off night as he was clearly overshadowed by Iguodala and Turner. There simply is only so much ball that can be distributed, and lately Turner and Iguodala have been the primary facilitators of the Sixers’ offense. Holiday finished with eight points and four rebounds, while shooting at an awful two of fourteen from the field.

Kevin Martin (-1.12) was dealing with a strained shoulder and only managed to total three points and four assists in yet another game where he’s failed to log more than 20 minutes on the floor.

Daily rankings and stats come from the GMTR H2H Player Rater (beta version). They are based on the stat Wins Above Replacement Player (WARP) an estimate of the number of wins a player produces per week in H2H leagues over a replacement (waiver wire) player.

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