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2012 Fantasy Basketball: C.J. Watson, Brandon Jennings, Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer

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Line of the Night/Waiver Wire Line of the Night:C.J. Watson (2.47) filled in for the injured Derrick Rose with 23 points (3 threes, 8-12 from the field, 4-4 from the line), 5 assists, and 2 steals. You may recall someone else filling in for Derrick Rose not too long ago. Well, that’s because C.J. Watson was also injured. Now that Watson is back, John Lucas played only 14 minutes, and that’s in a game where the Bulls led by 20 points at the half. So while Lucas may be shoved back in the rotation, Watson actually looks like a pretty decent play as long as Rose is out.

Honorable Mentions:
Brandon Jennings owners are in luck! Jennings (2.34) played a bad game on the 16th, so of course you knew he was going to do something like 30 points (3 threes), 6 assists, and 3 steals. Expect another 1-2 games like that before he takes the night off again.

Chris Bosh (2.01) is kind of playing this year like everyone expected him to last year. After scoring 30 points (14-22 from the field), with 8 rebounds, 5 assists, and 4 steals, Bosh is dialed in at #26 for the year.

In addition to C.J. Watson, Carlos Boozer (1.86) also stepped up for the Bulls. Boozer had a season-high 31 points (14-21 from the field), to go with 6 rebounds, and 2 steals.

Dwight Howard (1.71) makes the list partly because he only shot 8 free throws while scoring 25 points (he was 11-18 from the field), grabbing 17 rebounds, dishing 4 assists, blocking 4 shots. At this point, I though I would be bored talking about Howard’s free throw shooting (he made 3 of 8), but I did find myself quite enthusiastic when explaining to a co-worker that it didn’t matter if all his other players made 100% of their free throws because combined they attempted barely more free throws per game than Howard, so the best he could hope to do was mediocre in FT%. I didn’t tell him what to do, though, because I’m playing him next week and I’ve got Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry, and Andrea Bargnani on my team there, so I need every advantage I can get.

Paul Millsap (1.53) has himself up to #16 on the Player Rater (take that Chris Bosh!) with another 20 points (7-11 from the field, 6-6 from the line), 6 rebounds, and 2 steals. He’s got a very nice season going, but I would consider selling high on him if I had him in any of my leagues.

I would not, however, sell LeBron James (1.53) for pretty much anything. Maybe, like, a lifetime supply of Cool Ranch Doritos. So, even though LeBron’s teammate (see below, it’s not Dwyane Wade) is now #1 on the Player Rater, James threw up another 33 points (and finally made some [some = 4] threes), with 5 rebounds, and 10 assists.


Pick Up Lines: Anyone who can make threes can impress the Player Rater. And Mike Miller (1.84) is one of those people. He had 18 points on 6 threes, which if you do the math, means he did not make another shot. Of course, it also means he is 100% from the field. And since he didn’t attempt a free throw, and didn’t turn the ball over, he is now #1 on the Player Rater, head of Lebron, Kyle Lowry, Kevin Durant, and Chris Paul. And the Heat don’t play again until Thursday, so he might actually be there for more than a day. Miller is only 6% owned, so you could get this fantasy beast on your team for the cost of maybe a James Johnson. Really, though… My guess is that he’ll make a few threes a game while playing back into the rotation, and definitely he’s worth and add if you need some three-point help.

There’s only two guys in the NBA named C.J. and they both had nice games last night. Besides the aforementioned Watson, C.J. Miles (1.82) had 19 points (4-4 from the line), 5 rebounds, and 4 steals. He is 42% owned, so not great odds that he’s still available in your league, though.

There’s only one guy in the NBA named Bismack, and evidently, the Bobcats need for big men is so strong that they decided to give Bismack Biyombo (1.50) 21 minutes last night. And in those 21 minutes, Biyombo had 11 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 blocks (2% owned). Now, he’s not going to shoot 100% from the floor every night, but his 50% shooting from the line certainly seems like a possibility (actually, he’s shooting exactly the same percentage – 47.1 – right now from both the field and the stripe; I wonder how often that has ever happened). But anyway, who cares about then when there’s 10 rebounds and 4 blocks at stake. I really want to say hold off on adding him until he plays at least one more game over 20 minutes, but he had 5 blocks in only 12 minutes against the Pistons, so I’m debating with myself about making him a speculative add for all my Big Ball teams.

Corey Brewer (1.45) came off the bench for a season-high 34 minutes against Milwaukee last night and used it to his advantage for 22 points (3 threes), and 2 steals (2% owned). I am definitely going to wait for at least 2 more games like that before I add Brewer. Just imagine your friend bringing over some skanky looking girl that he just had a one night stand with and announcing they’re engaged.

Robin Lopez (1.14) had his first big game of the year, but his 16 points (6-7 from the field, 4-4 from the line), and 6 rebounds (4% owned) came in only 17 minutes, so I doubt those sums will be repeated unless he starts stealing more of Channing Frye’s minutes (which, with the way Frye is playing is not all that unlikely).

Nate Robinson (1.12) continues to thrive (as much as Nate Robinson can really thrive) in Stephen Curry’s absence. Last night he went for 17 points (3 threes), with 10 assists, and 2 steals and he’s now up to 30% owned. I’m starting him this week in place of the injured Curry in one league, and just because in another. And I love that I can say that with no recrimination here, because anywhere else, anyone would say “But Nate Robinson sucks” and I’d have to say “Not right now he doesn’t” and they still wouldn’t get it. But you, dear reader, you get me.

Biggest Loser:Stephen Jackson (-1.16) is still owned in 85% of leagues, which means there’s probably 35% of people who aren’t paying attention and another 50% who are hoping he can get back to those double-digit scoring games he had just a week ago. But seriously, 2 points on 2-2 from the line while going 0-6 from the field with a single assist. Ouch.


Daily rankings and stats come from the GMTR H2H Player Rater (beta version). They are based on the stat Wins Above Replacement Player (WARP) an estimate of the number of wins a player produces per week in H2H leagues over a replacement (waiver wire) player.

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