2012 Fantasy Basketball: Chris Paul, Serge Ibaka, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and More


It was as a foul that was heard across the NBA and the fantasy basketball universe, which unfortunately echoed and reverberated in my last remaining, ongoing fantasy basketball championship matchup.

James Harden suffered a concussion as he was elbowed in the head by the Lakers’ Metta World Peace after Peace completed slam on the fast break, in LA’s double overtime victory over the OKC Thunder. It now makes it uncertain as to whether or not Harden will be able to play in Oklahoma City’s last two games of the regular season. I own Harden, and the double-stinger of the situation is that I also own the not-so-peaceful Mr. World Peace. But my rant does not end there, my finals match extends up to the very end of the season and I don’t have any moves left. Talk about “two birds with one stone…”

I just got nailed with a “two players with one elbow” as Metta is in for a definite suspension by the  league and it’s just a matter of how many games they will penalize him with. Ugh. Here see for yourself and decide how much malice was actually involved in the act.

Line of the Night: Now onto a more positive note for the night. Chris Paul (3.40) destroyed his former team by going two steals shy of a rare kind of triple-double. He schooled Greivis Vasquez big time as he poured on 33 points, while dishing out 13 assists. His eight steals were an obvious huge plus factor for our player rater to give him such a sweet rating for the night. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said about Eric Gordon (-1.10) who was one of the night’s bigger fantasy losers. He did score 17 points against his former team, but his six turnovers and shooting only 4-13 from the field really pulled down his rating. Needless to say, the Clippers took this one easily under Paul’s lead.

Honorable Mentions:

Serge Ibaka (2.14) benefited from being able to play forty six minutes on the floor and exploded (as can be expected of Ibaka when blessed with playing time) for an impressive 18-14 points-rebounds double-double performance that was wonderfully complemented by what Ibaka does best… SEVEN blocked shots.

Carmelo Anthony (2.13)  and the Knicks had a high-scoring outing against the Hawks as they defeated Atlanta 113 to 112. Melo scored a third of the team’s total with 39 points which included three triples from behind the arc. He also added 10 boards and two steals to round out his line.

With Dwight Howard gone for the season, it can be expected for a guy like Ryan Anderson (1.89) to step up and deliver the fantasy goods. His line wasn’t impressive enough to generate many oohs and ahs, but was nonetheless respectable with 24 points and 9 rebounds, including three treys.

The Miami Heat were not only without Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh last night, but they also missed (well kind of) the services of Mario Chalmers who was out with flu-like symptoms. That situation left LeBron James (1.89) to handle and defeat the Houston Rockets (mostly) by himself. He scored 32 points (9-10 from the line), grabbed 8 rebounds, dished out five assists, and blocked two shots.


Waiver Wire Line of the Night:Marvin Williams (2.86) was actually the night’s second best fantasy basketball producer with a very rare ultra-efficient, high-productivity night. Well yes, it was against the New York Knicks and we all know how they can tend to allow even marginal players to shine every now and again due to their porous defense. Williams caught fire and probably felt like he couldn’t miss as his 29 points were the result of him  going 10-14 from the field and him knocking down four shots from downtown. Not only did he light up the scoreboard, Marvin also rewarded his few owners (17% owned) with some peripheral category contributions via 11 boards and three blocks. Not bad.

Pick Up Lines: Chandler Parsons (2.37) was the best player on the Rockets team last night (at least in fantasy basketball) as he scored 23 points (3 threes, 10-13 from the field), pulled down six rebounds, and got four steals (24% owned)

Jason Thompson (2.01) is an extra interesting add for the few games that remain in the season as DeMarcus Cousins is expected to face a one-game suspension after getting slapped with his thirteenth technical foul. Thompson was solid for the night with another double-double, going for 14 points and 11 rebounds. He also dropped seven dimes and got five steals for the night. (37% owned)

Landry Fields (1.51) has been kind of hit-or-miss ever since the Knicks entered the post-D’Antoni, post-Linsanity period. Last night was one of those “hit” games as Fields contributed 18 points (3 threes, 7-8 from the field) to the Knicks’ winning effort. (36% owned)

Biggest Loser:

Whoever said double overtime games are supposed to great for fantasy basketball for got to make sure Ramon Sessions (-1.16) got that particular memo. Sessions had one of his most underwhelming nights since acclimating to the Lakers’ offense. He finish with only 8 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists in spite of logging a respectable 30 minutes on the floor.

Samuel Dalembert (-1.10) played only nine minutes for the Rockets and as can be expected was pretty much useless from a fantasy standpoint with just two rebounds and nothing else.

Part of the reason Chris Paul did so well last night was because he had to step up his game to make up for both Caron Butler (-0.97) and Mo Williams (-0.89) having off nights. Butler scored nothing and took down two boards while Williams managed nine points on awful three for thirteen shooting from the field.


This is my last recap for this season. It’s been a blast people! Thanks for reading, subscribing, and listening to us.


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