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2012 Fantasy Basketball: Brandon Jennings, Kris Humphries, Drew Gooden, Steve Nash

Line of the Night:Brandon Jennings (3.09) scored 34 points, hitting 6 threes, with 7 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 blocks in a 105-99 win over the Nets. Jennings is still too inconsistent to be put in the class of elite PGs, but the 22 year-old has taken a big step forward this season, which is all you can ask for from a young PG. There is an outside chance that he might be traded along with Bogut at the deadline, but for now he remains the Bucks’ best player (which admittedly is not where you want to be as an NBA team).

Honorable Mentions: That Bucks/Nets game produced some strong fantasy lines despite Deron Williams sitting out again with a strained calf. Kris Humphries (2.95) exploded all over Ersan Ilyasova (more on that below) to finish with a career-high 31 points (11-15 from the field), 18 rebounds and 3 blocks. He’s clearly been the prime benefactor of Brook Lopez missing most of the season (remember that come draft day next season… if Lopez is still with the team).

Also Drew Gooden (1.70) came close but not that close to a triple-double with 23 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists. And all of a sudden Gooden has become an assist man, totaling 17 assists in his past three games.

Minnesota and Phoenix ran all the way to a 127-124 finish, so it’s no surprise to see a guy like Steve Nash (2.04) on this list. Nash was an efficient 10-16 from the field in the game and finished with 25 points and 10 assists. Not bad for a 38-year old averaging 11 assists a game and is shooting 55% from the floor this season. Jared Dudley (2.39) chipped in a season-high 28 points and 9 rebounds, while Channing Frye (1.95) scored 18 points on 4-6 from three, with 5 rebounds and 4 assists.

The Wolves’ best fantasy performance actually came from Derrick Williams (2.06). In only 21 minutes off the bench, Williams scored 19 points, grabbed 8 rebounds, and added 2 steals and 2 blocks. Now that is per minute production starter Wes Johnson can only dream about. Kevin Love (1.51) also dropped 30 in the game, but had a weak (for him) 7 boards.


The Jazz beat the Pistons 105-90 led by Al Jefferson (2.21), who scored 33 points, shooting 14-18 from the field, with 12 rebounds and 2 blocks. Jefferson is expected to miss this weekend’s games as he attends the funeral of his grandmother, so owners looking for a quick add/drop may want to pick up Derrick Favors over the weekend.

For the Pistons, Rodney Stuckey (1.76) dropped 29 points in the game with 7 assists.

The Bulls handed the Knicks their sixth straight loss as Linsanity deflates like a balloon three days after the big birthday party that everyone got so excited about. That being said, Jeremy Lin (1.79) actually had the Knicks best fantasy line of the night with 15 points, 8 assists, 3 steals and 3 blocks in the game. Carmelo Anthony (1.28) dropped 21 points, but also shot 8-21 from the floor. You have to think that if the Knicks keep losing, D’Antoni might do something crazy like start Baron Davis.

For the Bulls, Joakim Noah (1.81) returned after missing one game with an illness and double-doubled with 12 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks. Derrick Rose (0.53) finished with 32/6/7, but didn’t shoot particularly well from either the floor or the line. Still, I’ll take it.

John Wall wasn’t particularly good last night against the Spurs, but JaVale McGee (1.67) had one of his best games of the year with 21 points and 15 rebounds. It looks like McGee may be temporarily out of Randy Wittman’s doghouse… for now. Tony Parker (1.69) led the Spurs with 31 points and 7 assists.

Injury of the Night: Mr. Glass, Corey Maggette (-0.79), left last night’s Bobcats game with back spasms after playing 10 minutes and scoring 2 points. Reggie Williams (-0.34) got the extra minutes left by Maggette and bombed in more than one way, shooting 0-7 from three and 3-13 overall. I’d wait for an update on Maggette before deciding what to do with him, but he’s not the type of player I’d sit on for any length of time if he’s out with injury. And as Reggie Williams has demonstrated this season, he should not even be in the league. It’s a lose-lose all around.

Waiver Wire Line of the Night:Bismack Biyombo (1.62). As Trevor Ariza found out last night, don’t attack Bismack or you’ll end up on your back… because he just blocked your game tying dunk attempt with seconds left. Yes, Biyombo saved the day as the Bobcats and Hornets played a thrilling 73-71 barnburner of a game (including a 16 to 12 fourth quarter). But Biyombo finished with 12 points on 6-7 shooting, with 7 rebounds and 4 blocks. Like many young players in their rookie season, Biyombo alternates good games with pretty horrible ones and that is likely to continue all season, but he will help teams that need blocks. He’s got 14 blocked shots already this month – which as I noted on this week’s podcast, is more than Luis Scola has all season.

Pick Up Lines: Today’s waiver wire list is straight out of 2009.

Unless you are a big Bucks (or Duke) fan, it’s tough to get excited about Mike Dunleavy (1.27), which is probably why he continues to be owned in less than 30% of Yahoo leagues. Against the Nets, Dunleavy played 36 minutes off the bench and scored 15 points, adding 6 assists and 2 steals. He’s scored 25, 19 and 15 points in his last three games and is getting a ton of minutes off the bench while Tobias Harris remains starter in name only (and gets 15 minutes a game). He’s worth a look in most leagues as long as he continues to see 30+ minutes a game if you need a scorer and some threes.

C.J. Miles (1.01) was 2-4 from three off the bench for the Jazz against the Pistons, finishing with 15 points in 22 minutes. With Raja Bell and coach Tyrone Corbin best of friends again and Bell in the starting lineup, Miles isn’t seeing enough minutes off the bench to consistently produce for fantasy teams.

Thanks to the Rip Hamilton disaster, Ronnie Brewer (0.85) has been quietly plugging along as the Bulls starting shooting guard. Against the Knicks, he scored 11 points (on 5-8 from the field), with 7 rebounds and 7 assists. He’s getting enough minutes to be worth a look in deeper leagues, but he’s not a scorer, he’s not a shot blocker and he doesn’t really get a ton of steals. So unless your league counts intangibles, he’s not worth owning in 12-team leagues or less.

Last we saw Beno Udrih (0.80), he was getting stuffed in a cargo crate and being shipped to Milwaukee. But behold, Beno has emerged and has been getting a consistent 25+ minutes off the bench for the Bucks in March. Last night against the Nets, he scored 15 points and added 7 assists in 33 minutes. He’s worth a look – again in deeper leagues – if you need PG help.

Wayne Ellington (0.58) got 34 minutes off the bench for the Wolves, hit 3-4 from three and scored 15 points. He’s the Wolves bench player benefitting the most so far from the Rubio injury, although he’s not going to do much more than hit threes and score some points. I personally like J.J. Barea more for fantasy purposes going forward.

Taj Gibson (0.26) had 15 points and 13 rebounds in 26 minutes off the bench for the Bulls. Gibson is basically Paul Millsap circa 2007 – capable of some impressive per minute numbers off the bench, but usually sees less than 20 minutes a game. He’s worth a look in deep leagues especially if you need blocks, but he’ll need a Carlos Boozer injury to really break out.

Biggest Loser: That Bucks/Nets game produced a lot of good… and a lot of bad. Carlos Delfino’s (-0.93) game log is filled with way too many of these type of games: 2 points, 6 rebounds and 1-8 shooting from the field in 32 minutes against the Nets. This month, Delfino is shooting 28% from the field and 24% from three. Yes, the upside is there for Delfino, but he’s been murdering fantasy teams all year.

On the plus side, MarShon Brooks (-0.85) did score 10 points and have 2 steals, but the rest of his line was pretty empty. Well, except for the 5 turnovers he had in the game. Brooks has been alternating good games with bad ones, which is a very rookie thing to do, although it makes his game a little less fantasy friendly than it appeared to be at the beginning if the season.

And the previously high flying Ersan Ilyasova (-0.72) was shat on by Kris Humphries like he was Kim Kardashian in the game. After a 31 point, 12 rebound performance against the Raptors, Ilyasova finished with 4 points and 3 rebounds. I wouldn’t worry about this game too much if you own Ilyasova, but I do think it’s a sign that he might have been playing a wee bit above his head lately.


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