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2012 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Josh Reddick, Alexi Casilla, Drew Smyly and More

This is going to become a weekly thing here on EPT. Every wednesday I’m going to give you five players to pick up from the waiver wire. Take my advice as you will, but make sure you know that my range has gone from predicting Big Papi as a bust to calling Mike Aviles actually being good – so, again, take from my advice what you will.

Josh Reddick (OF)  - Beware fast starts with guys like Reddick. They have the tendency to start off well and then go in to a horrific slump. No matter what numbers Reddick is putting up right now, he would be more useful than Andrew Bailey, but he’s contributing solidly in a variety of categories. More importantly –  especially for a younger player – Reddick is playing every day. When compared with other outfielders in his ownership level (Ryan Sweeney, Nate Schierholz) Reddick is clearly superior, and as long as he doesn’t tire too much over the long summer, there will be no one challenging his spot in Oakland. But just know that every Wednesday there is going to be a list of some potentially useful guys here that you can choose from if you’re looking for some help.

Alexi Casilla (2B/SS) - Casilla’s recent hot streak – in which he went 14-for-41 over his last 11 games – has him hitting in the 2nd spot in the lineup now. Casilla won’t help you much in the home run department, but what he lacks in power he makes up for in speed. He just started playing every day so there is no guarantee that he will keep this spot going forward, but he is worth monitoring this week considering he is eight for his last 22, with four RBI and three stolen bases in his last five games.

Drew Smyly (SP) - If you haven’t bought in to Drew Smyly yet, then the time has come. Initially, he was supposed to be Doug Fister’s replacement, but during that time the young kid has gone 1-0 with 22 K’s, a 1.23 ERA and a 1.18 WHIP in four starts. He may be only 22 but he doesn’t appear to be fazed – which may be a little easier with Detroit’s lineup having his back. It’s like going to a fight with a crew of goons behind you. Expect Smyly to start flying off the waiver wire, so act while you can.

Scott Downs (RP) - Downs is the Angels full-time closer. The Angels are a bad team, so they will play many close games. That will mean one of two things: 1) Downs will have many opportunities for saves and 2) Scott Downs will blow his arm out and have season ending Tommy John surgery. Enjoy the ride!

Freddy Sanchez (2B) - This may be hoping against hope, but I believe in Freddy Sanchez. He’s currently rehabbing to try and get back to the show by playing single-A. It has been an up and down time in the early beginning for Sanchez, but he threw Tuesday and reported no issues. If Sanchez can get back to his old form, then you have one of the best offensive second basemen in the game, but we are a long way from that. Right now, there is no set timetable for Sanchez’ return, but if everything goes to plan then it should take a month or two. If healthy, Sanchez has the ability to not only be a game changer for the Giants, but for your fantasy team. Does Freddy Sanchez know the way home from San Jose single-A? I sure as hell hope so.

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