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2012 Fantasy Baseball Start Em, Sit Em: Ben Revere, Roger Bernadina, Coco Crisp and More

Hitters To Start

Ben Revere |Minnesota Twins| (58.6%) – Revere could be a cheap source of speed and runs for your team to help round out the stretch-run of the summer.  In 4 of the 7 games scheduled this week Revere will face a left-handed starting pitcher.  This year against lefties Revere is hitting .378 with a .411 OBP. (89 and 87 points higher than when he faces right-handed pitching).  His first 3 games of the week come at home against the White Sox.  Revere has only faced Peavy so far in his brief career.  In those 12 at-bats against Peavy, Revere has 5 hits, a .417 average.  In 9 at-bats against the Red Sox starters that he’ll be facing next Revere has 3 hits in 9 at-bats, a .333 average.

Roger Bernadina |Washington Nationals| (2.6%) – Bernadina could be a great pickup this week for your team.  The Nationals outfield gets a week’s worth of home games against the Phillies and Marlins.  In home games this year Bernadina’s average is 156 points higher (.373 vs. .217) and his OBP is 150 points higher (.455 vs. 305) than his road splits.  Over the last 3 years of playing, 1/3rd of Bernadina’s steals have come against the Phillies and Marlins.

Hitters To Sit

Justin Morneau |Minnesota Twins| (42.7%) - Morneau suffers from the opposite disposition as his teammate Ben Revere.  Morneau has amassed some horrible stats this season when facing left-handed pitchers.  Against lefties this year Morneau is hitting .167 with a .202 OBP.  These numbers are an astonishing 144 and 183 points lower than his splits against righties.  To make things worse, we are heading into what is typically the worst month for Morneau throughout his career.  Morneau’s batting average in August is 31 points below his career average.

Coco Crisp |Oakland A’s| (58.7%) – Crisp’s ownership has nearly doubled recently (up 23.8%).  Ease up on the reins before you pull the trigger on picking him up off the waiver wire this week.  Crisp will be facing a majority of left-handed starting pitchers this week.  Against left-handed pitchers this year the switch-hitting Crisp is hitting .217 with a .261 OBP. 

In 26 at-bats against the Rays’ starting pitchers that he’ll face Crisp has a .231 average.  In 22 at-bats against the Toronto pitchers that he’ll face this week Crisp has a .227 batting average.

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