2012 Fantasy Baseball: NL Auction Offense Review

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The last 10 days was the busiest stretch of my “fantasy season”, drafting several different leagues throughout the week and finishing up Saturday night with my NL-Only auction.  It was my last draft of 2012 and what a great way to finish things before the real games start.

I went into the auction with a fairly simple strategy, while setting salary limits so that I could make sure I didn’t neglect anything.

The simple strategy was not to spend more than $16 between my two catchers, first base, third base and corner infielder.  All of those positions were thinned out by top tier players being kept and I did not want to overpay for who was left.  There really wasn’t a lot of a performance basement between what ended up being a $20 first baseman and a $3 first baseman, which confirmed my pre-draft thoughts.

I strategized that the depth of elite players at the middle infield and outfield spots would keep the prices reasonable, so that is where I wanted to spend a bulk of my money.  Early in the draft prices there were very reasonable, first time around the table Brandon Phillips went for $23 – I wish I would have gone a buck more – and Justin Upton went for $40.  I have never rostered two $40 players before, but Upton in my mind was clearly the best player available in the draft and I was very surprised and happy when the bidding stalled after I said forty.

Below is the rest of my offense:

I like the upside potential in Mesoraco, Huff, Alvarez , and Pacheco.  All four cost me a combined $9, and the return could easily be close to $20 – at the same time Pacheco and Alvarez could in triple-A  by June, with Mesoraco and Huff on the bench .  I overpaid for Castro, but entering the draft I knew I would overpay for at least one player (it happens) but I am glad I did it on a player that could earn $32 with a high batting average, developing power, and he is a Cub.  Pierre, an end game buck guy, and Neil Walker at $12 I think will end up being my best values when it is all said and done.  The only guy I really don’t like is Bogusevic, but he was the very last name thrown and only outfielder left with fairly guaranteed at-bats.

I really like my core, and with my cheaper guys being very cheap I will have no problem moving onto someone else that is performing better.  I project myself as a top four finisher in batting average, home runs, and stolen bases which is a great start considering how everything came together.  But of course being projected in the top 4 in those categories means nothing after draft day, what matters is where everyone ranks in October.

Later in the week check out what my pitching staff looks like, and if you have some questions about the format search for the past articles on my NL-Only team, “The Franchise”.

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