2012 Fantasy Baseball Analysis: Assessing Adam Dunn's Value

Things didn’t exactly go as planned for Big Country last year. From the monetary standpoint everything went great as the Chicago White Sox signed him to a four year $56 million contract. On the field however Adam Dunn experienced one of the worst seasons by a full time player in modern Major League history; certainly the worst by a $56 million player…

At one point things became so bad that there were rumors abound that he was seriously considering retiring. Whether there was really any truth to that or not really isn’t relevant. The fact is that Dunn’s season was so dreadful that the headlines were plausible.

Against lefties, in 115 plate appearances Adam Dunn amassed just six hits (five singles and 1 double) and three RBI, batting .064. Over all on the season Dunn had 496 plate appearances batting just .159 with 11 HRs, 42 RBI and 36 RS. Thank goodness that Dunn had 75 BBs boosting his OBP to .292. With a SLG of .277 and an OPS of .569, Big Country undoubtedly could be found saying good riddance to 2011 at 12:00:01 EST on New Year’s Day.

Last year during the season I mentioned that the Mendoza Line should be renamed the “Dunn Line”, but the truth is that Dunn’s game isn’t about batting average. Dunn has had 40 HRs and 100 RBI in a season hitting as low and .236. One of the most amazing things about Dunn’s fall from grace was that from 2004-2010 he may have been the single most predictable Fantasy Baseball player in the game, literally good for a Hall of Fame-like 40 HRs and 100 RBI every year. Check out the consistency.

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