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2012 College Football Week 8 Predictions: Auburn, Rutgers, Penn State, Notre Dame and More

Below are some of the games that we are considering betting on this week and a few reasons why we like a particular side or total. Please feel free to join in the discussion and offer your feedback, we would definitely like to hear about how you are viewing a particular side or total.

Auburn +7

Already been teased on Twitter by CFBMatrix for this, but I like Auburn this weekend. The team has continued to fight, and still can make a bowl game this year. IF you watched the Ole Miss game, they actually started to figure it out on offense. Tre Mason and McCaleb are pretty filthy and if they each touch the ball 25+ times, I have a tough time seeing Vandy stopping them here. Moseley wasn’t terrible here either. The defense played well, and they just had two plays that really turned the pace of this game. Auburn can’t win a shootout, which is what the last 8 minutes became.

Rutgers -5 

Also lean Rutgers too. Their defense is very talented, and very aggressive. They go for the ball on every play. At some point though, their offense is going to have to win them games. This one could be close if Temple can limit the turnovers, but definitely leaning Rutgers.

UL-Lafayette -4

Like La-Lafayette for the Tuesday night game. I don’t get this line. N Texas has only beaten 2 teams, and they don’t really have many skill players that can take over the game. La-Laf has been playing well and has statistical advantage in a lot of categories.

Penn State +3

Lean PSU too. They are a FG kicker and a bad penalty away from being undefeated. Coming off of a bye week they definitely won’t take Iowa lightly after seeing them take down Mich St (who I also think is overrated, or was).

Notre Dame -14 

I hate this, but I also like ND. They seemed to finally figure out some pace on offense with Golson. Their defense is solid as usual and their playing at home. Been saying it all season and will continue to say BYU defense is overrated. They’ve now played 1 team with a good offense, and got beat by 18. They have nothing on offense either.

Middle Tennessee +20

A solid team in a good spot here.

UL-Monroe  +3 

Finally, like ULM. The team has a good offense, and this will be a big game for them. They know WKU is a team to beat and will be dialing out all the tricks here. Think Kolton Browning is a better QB and will be able to control the game. Think both teams are good, but Monroe is better, and getting points.

Not sold on any of these, just initial thoughts.

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