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2012 College Football Week 5 Analysis: Lessons Learned from South Carolina vs. Kentucky

No. 6 South Carolina scored 31 straight points in route to a 38-17 victory against Kentucky. It was not the best showing for the Gamecocks but it counts as a 'W' in the win column. Getting past this game was also a important step in getting ESPN GameDay to come to Columbia to set up for a epic battle against Georgia. So what did we learn from this win, well....

1. Clowney and Taylor are the best defensive tandem in college football....I know most will agree as this has been said before but really in truly those two are pure domination. Devin Taylor was credited with 1.5 sacks and three tackles. Jadeveon Clowney had one sack, 2.5 TFLs and 4 overall tackles. Both caused more havoc that could be recorded. USC is blessed to have these boys.

2. Lattimore is 100%...Each game he gets stronger and in this past game, especially in the second half, he was stellar. The cuts he was making and hard-nosed runs eludes who to think he is fine from a health standpoint.

3. USC has to play complete football...Just because the USC uniform is garnet and black and the Gamecocks are a top ten team, no opposing football squad is going to rollover. South Carolina has to perform from the very first whistle and keep the focus.

4. Akeem Auguste just may be ready to contribute....Auguste had four tackles, which may not raise your eye brows but having him back is a big plus. Especially with the heart of the schedule upcoming, the Gamecocks need his talent as it provides depth in the secondary. He looked good and hopefully he can stay healthy.

5. Tyler Hull needs to improve...One may not think about the punter until he screws up, well in this game Hull did not do that but he does need to improve. He had two punts for a 37 yard average. Need to increase that average and get around 42-45 on average as having a strong punter is a asset, especially when you are on the hunt for a BCS berth.

So there you have it.....what did you learn?

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