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2012 College Football Week 4 Predictions: Arizona, Vanderbilt, Virginia and More

A pretty disappointing week as I nailed some really good underdogs (went 5-1 w/ dogs), but gave it all back with some heavy chalk (which is uncharacteristic of my betting style) and a handful of terrible totals. I ended up going 6-7 on my posted picks and 1-0 on my newsletter selection.

UCLA, Auburn, Iowa and Utah were all winners for my season win totals selections. Tennessee was a loser and Oregon State did not play.

Beating the closing line

I beat the closing line in 9 of 15 games in Week # 3 and I ended up right at the closing number in 3 other games. My overall closing line value for week # 3 was +0.67.

After 3 weeks I have beaten the closing line in 29 of 40 games (72.5%), I have matched the closing line in 6 games and I have wagered a bad number in 3 games for an overall closing line value of +1.66

College Football Picks Week # 3

Arizona +24

Vanderbilt – Georgia U 55

Virginia +17.5

Jimmyshivers has a good write-up on this Virginia – TCU game here.

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