2012 College Football Rankings: Week 5 AP and USA Today Polls

People who thought Oregon wasn’t for real heading into this weekend won’t be particularly happy with the treatment they got in Week 5’s AP and USA Today Polls. After a dominant victory over alleged offensive beast Arizona on Saturday night, the Ducks leapfrogged LSU to claim the distinction of being the nation’s second best team.

Whether you actually buy them as the No. 2 team in the country or not, Oregon definitely proved something – this group is not a one-trick pony. They do have a defense. The question now is, can that defense hold up as well against legitimate offenses as it did against Rich Rodriguez’s overhyped unit?

A few other notes from the weekend that was:

- Florida State’s victory over Clemson was huge, no doubt about it. So long as E.J. Manuel and Co. don’t beat themselves from here on out, they could cruise to a one-loss record with relative ease. (They won’t play for the national title.)

- Ever since the squad’s underwhelming first week showing versus Vanderbilt, South Carolina has looked really strong. If the Gamecocks’ schedule wasn’t so tough and they played in a difference conference, they’d probably be getting a lot more love than they’re currently getting.

- Notre Dame is for real. However, games against Stanford, Oklahoma, and USC guarantee that the Fighting Irish will end this year with at least two losses.

- Florida handled business this weekend against Kentucky, but the real test comes against LSU. The Tigers have shown some weaknesses so, if the Gators play up to their potential, an upset is possible. They have to play up to their potential, though.

- USC is doing what USC does – trekking back up the mountain after last week’s massive setback. The Trojans won’t play for a national title, but there is a good chance they’ll cost Oregon their shot, too.


1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. LSU

4. Florida State

5. Georgia

6. South Carolina

7. Kansas State

8. Stanford

9. West Virginia

10. Notre Dame

11. Florida

12. Texas

13. USC

14. Ohio State

15. TCU

16. Oklahoma

17. Clemson

18. Oregon State

19. Louisville

20. Michigan State

21. Mississippi State

22. Nebraska

23. Rutgers

24. BYU

25. Baylor

USA Today

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. LSU

4. Florida State

5. Georgia

6. South Carolina

7. Virginia

8. Kansas State

9. Stanford

10. Texas

11. Notre Dame

12. Florida

13. USC

14. TCU

15. Oklahoma

16. Clemson

17. Louisville

18. Michigan State

19. Mississippi State

20. Nebraska

21. Oregon State

22. Oklahoma State

23. Wisconsin

24. Baylor

25. Rutgers

25. Virginia Tech

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