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2012 College Football Coaches on the Hot Seat: Arkansas' John L. Smith, Kentucky's Joker Phillips and More


John L. Smith: Smith has proven to be a complete and utter disaster for Arkansas. While basking in the glow of such a glorious dumpster fire, one has to wonder, is this all Petrino’s doing? The Hawg D is bad and Arkansas isn’t playing with any heart. You can’t put all of that on John L. Smith.

Right now, Arkansas is going to go from being in the BCS conversation to last place in the SEC West. As bad as John  L. Smith is purported to be, the entire staff remained in place. Arkansas shouldn’t be this bad. Charlie Strong has to get the first call here, right? SEC experience, defensive minded coach, excellent recruiter, Arkansas native. What else is Arkansas looking for?

Joker Phillips: Not much is going well at Kentucky right now. Samford is lone remaining sure win on the schedule and barring a miracle a bowl is out of the question. You have to wonder if Kentucky will stick with Phillips when a known but damaged quantity like Petrino is hanging around. Can Kentucky overlook Petrino’s melt down in Little Rock?

They hired Calipari who is as greasy as they come and Petrino, though a bone fide snake in the grass, has never had NCAA trouble.  Petrino to Kentucky would shake up the East and put the fear of God whoever is coaching at Tennessee. If Kentucky passes on Kentucky, or vice versa, might Kentucky look to an air raid/super spread type of offense? Gus Malzahn may get a call or a certain offensive coordinator in Pickens county.

Fighting like all get out.

Derek Dooley: If you have ever wondered what it looks like for an SEC team to completely tank two recruiting classes in a row, look at Tennessee. The Vols brought in back to back recruiting classes and both have been complete busts. Dooley was dealt a bad hand of cards and is trying to rebuild in the toughest conference in America. Tennessee’s players are fighting their tails off for him, and that should be taken into consideration. The Vols will need to win a game or two in October, along with not slipping up against Missouri, Vandy or Kentucky. Winning November coupled with one win in October should get Dooley another year.

Gene Chizik: Short of a complete (read no bowl) meltdown, Chizik and his two new coordinators will get more time in the Loveliest village on the Plains. Van Gorder’s defense certainly brought the wood against LSU. Soctt Loeffler should get at least another year to work the quarterbacks in Auburn.  Auburn left it all on the field in a tough 12-10 loss to LSU and with that moxie, Auburn will get a couple wins they might not have had. Either way, Chizik has to get better quarterback play and his lauded recruits need to find a way to get on the field and stay in school and out of trouble.


Bryant Roberts is a life long SEC fan, has 2 autographed pictures of Steve Spurrier, is addicted to BBQ, and a graduate of Presbyterian College.  Follow him on twitter here.

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