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2011 World Series: What is Rangers Ron Washington Doing?

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine during the 2009 season. Remember the Headline? And now during the 2011 World Series, he’s apparently on the dust again.

I know what you’re saying; you’re asking “What proof do you have?” I’ll tell you what proof I have, he’s letting his pitchers throw strikes to Albert Pujols!

In Game 3 Pujols matched Hall of Famers Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth and became only the third player to ever hit three home runs in one World Series game. The slugging first baseman also tied Hall of Famer Paul Molitor’s record of having five hits in one World Series game.

And just for good measure, in Game 3 Pujols accomplished something that no one had ever done in a World Series game, he amassed 14 total bases.

Why the hell is Washington letting his pitchers pitch Pujols with runners on base? I know that Nolan Ryan has been a big part of the Rangers success the past few years; does Ron think that Ryan is on the mound for him?

Ron, Nolan is in the stands, he’s not throwing the ball! Didn’t Washington read what Johnny Bench said?

I’m guessing that Josh Hamilton may be undergoing random drug testing during the MLB Playoffs, but clearly no one is testing Ron Washington.

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