2011 Senior Bowl Game Preview

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It's been a long week for most of these players, trust me I know. Getting up at 7:00 am for interviews, then breakfast, then either practice or a break, then lunch, then a break or practice, then more interviews, then media stuff, then more meetings. Rashad Carmichael flat out told me that he hasn't been eating consistently, and that's early in the week!

But, the week's events come to a close this Saturday in the game.

Most of the NFL scouts that I talked to and myself included usually leave on Wednesday or even Tuesday after they've interviewed the select guys and then see them practice a little bit. I would say only a handful stay to see the game.

However, the game can still be of importance, as I would imagine many teams have at least one person watch it and break it down. Coach Chan Gailey pointed out that the coaches of the game have a distinct advantage because they can see how the players ran the individual play.

So, all in all, it doesn't mean much, but any little bit helps for the prospects here at the Senior Bowl.

Guys Who SHOULD Have a Good Game

Titus Young - Young was a favorite target all week long of the North quarterbacks, and because of his explosiveness, I wouldn't imagine that would change.

Leonard Hankerson - The most consistent hands of any receiver here in Mobile, he has also been a go to target. I fully expect at least 5-6 catches in the game.

Gabe Carimi - Played a bit of tackle and guard, both pretty well, and going against a lesser defensive line crew in the South's crop, he should be ready for any rusher he faces..

Clint Boling - He's handled just about every South rusher very well, from big guys like Phil Taylor to athletic guys like Sam Acho. A big game could push him closer to the 1st round.

Cameron Jordan - Dominated the North's great offensive tackles for much of the week, outside of Derek Sherrod, he should do more of the same in the game against the South.

Von Miller - The North squad hasn't faced any speed rushers like Von Miller, and I think Castanzo and Solder on the outside should feel the quickness and explosiveness of Von Miller off the edge.

Kelvin Sheppard - He was a leader of the defense early on, according to coaches, and I expect more of that in the game, both as a physical linebacker and a director of the defense.

Ahmad Black - His size may hurt him for the NFL game, but with quarterbacks not totally in-sync with their receivers and Black have tremendous play reading ability, I think at least one interception isn't asking too much.

Guys Who May NEED to Have a Good Game

Andy Dalton - Dalton has really struggled all week, and as I've said before, questions about his release and accuracy have not been answered. Being the best QB in the game could help a little.

Courtney Smith - Showed great athleticism all week long, but drops derailed his chances for a huge rise. If he can catch 5-7 passes without a drop, that could show something to scouts.

DeMarco Murray - Still probably the most athletic overall running back here, but his long strides and only average explosion to the hole worries some. A big game could show he's a starting back in the NFL.

Allen Bailey - Didn't look comfortable out there and needed a lot of coaching all week. Getting coaching is fine, but he'll need to put the coaching into action to still be a 2nd rounder.

Nate Solder- He's struggled all week with inside bull rushers, and has been in my opinion the worst left tackle prospect here. He'll get a chance to go against guys like Allen Bailey and Jarvis Jenkins.

Kendric Burney - Burney has been solid all week and is still one of my favorite prospects as a press coverage cornerback, but a big game could push him into the mid to high second round.


North 27-17 South

Offensive MVP: Titus Young

Defensive MVP: Ahmad Black


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