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2011 NFL Schedule Released: Indianapolis Colts

Let's all just assume for a moment that there will in fact be a 2011 season.  If there is, this is who the Colts will play and when, followed by my best guess about what is going to happen.

Week 1: @Houston 1 PM

This is a brutal game to open the season with again.  This time I think the Colts will be better prepared, however. They open the season 1-0.

Week 2: Cleveland 1 PM

The Browns are awful. Indy goes 2-0.

Week 3: Pittsburgh 8:20 PM

Tough game, but it's hard to go against Indy at home at night.

Week 4:  @Tampa 8:30

I'm not a believer in the Bucs, per sea, but there have to be losses somewhere on the schedule. Colts fall to 3-1.

Week 5: Kansas City 1 PM

The Chiefs regress. 4-1.

Week 6: @Cincinnati 1 PM

Child, please.

Week 7: @New Orleans 8:20 PM

I don't like the Colts' chances in the Super Dome against the Saints D. 5-2.

Week 8: @Tennessee 1 PM

Whoever the Titans have at QB won't be good enough to beat the Colts. 6-2

Week 9: Atlanta Falcons 1 PM

Marquee matchup.  Falcons love to go for it on fourth. Smith trumps Caldwell. 6-3

Week 10: Jacksonville

I have zero respect for the Jags. 7-3 1 PM

BYE: Nice timing for the Colts.

Week 12: Carolina 1 PM

Do you need help reading that scoreboard, Jerry?  8-3.

Week 13: @New England 8:20 PM

The Pats regress to the mean. 9-3

Week 14: @Baltimore 1 PM

The Colts own the Ravens, but if it snows Baltimore gets them (finally). 9-4.

Week 15: Tennessee 1 PM

The Titans will be awful next year.

Week 16: Houston 8:20 PM

A Thursday night win for the Colts who run the record to 11-4

Week 17: @Jacksonville 1 PM

Del Rio's last game as Jags head coach is a loss.

So, once again, I see Indy getting back to 12-4 and winning the South. Did you expect me to say something different?


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