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2011 NFL Schedule Released: Major Storylines

While the 2011 NFL season is anything but a lock to start on time (if at all), fans all over the U.S. sat by their computers and/or televisions with anticipation Tuesday, waiting for the clock to strike 7 p.m. eastern time. And, in a move that largely means nothing, the league satisfied their fans by offering up the complete schedule for the upcoming 2011 season.

So, while the times, dates and names written on the schedules may as well be scribbled in crayon for all intents and purposes, given the current labor situation with the league and all, if only for a moment, fans can now sit back and pretend all is well with America’s actual pastime.

Among the points of interest on the schedule:

-          The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host the Chicago Bears in London on October 23 for Week 7 action. Also, the Washington Redskins will travel to Toronto to play the Buffalo Bills in a Week 8 game on October 30.

-          The traditional Thanksgiving games will feature a tripleheader. Most noteworthy of all, we can look forward to a coaching battle between Harbough brothers as the Baltimore Ravens takes on the San Francisco 49ers.

-          In the Leon Lett Classic, the Miami Dolphins vs. Dallas Cowboys is also scheduled for Thanksgiving Day.

-          Michael Vick will come back to Atlanta for the first time as the starting QB of the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 2.

-          The New York Jets host the New York Giants on Christmas Eve. Extra cops have already been scheduled to work the extra shift.

-          The Detroit Lions earn their first Monday Night Football slot in a decade – as we reported on Opposing Views earlier in the day.

-          Jay Cutler returns to Denver with his Chicago Bears team on December 11 – unless he get the sniffles on December 10 and deems himself too ill to make the trip.

Or -- people who earn more in one year than most fans earn in a lifetime -- will continue to fight over money and none of this will happen.

Are you ready for some Greed?


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