2011 NFL Quick Preview: AFC Breakdown


With the lockout preventing teams from re-vamping, I believe that established teams will be at a tremendous advantage over their scrambling challengers.

Professor Badcock's AFC Lockout News Preview

AFC East: New England Patriots: the most stable team in the NFL will own their schedule with sounds schemes, good linemen and sterling execution.

But the New York Jets, who should manage a wild card slot, are built from the ground up to beat the Pats. That will continue in the playoffs.

Miami Dolphins are sliding backwards. They will be less competitive than last year.

Buffalo Bills are dead in the water.

AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers are the big brother in this division. Despite problems with their running game, their organization is resilient and will contend for the title.

Baltimore Ravens have their best-ever offense and won twelve games last year, even as the D ages. However, they simply cannot beat the Steelers -- a big problem.

Cleveland Browns will once again field a noncompetitive, gutsy bunch of losers.

But they won't be worse than the witless Cincinnati Bengals.

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts will start slow, but Manning will lead his team on a late-season streak to yet again take this under-performing division.

Houston Texans have an offense nearly as good as the Colts, but their defense is worse.

Jacksonville Jaguars have no future.

Tennessee Titans seem totally unprepared for the season's start.

AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs may take a step back, but are well-geared to win this shitty division by rushing the ball 400 times.

San Diego Chargers have officially squandered years of having incredible talent in a shitty division. SI's Peter King picked them to make the the Superbowl, so you know they'll miss the playoffs.

Denver Broncos are a few seasons away from repairing the damage wrought by McDaniels.

Oakland Raiders showed definite signs of improvement and swept their division in 2010, so naturally the coach was fired. Still the worst front office in the NFL, despite stiff competition.


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