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2011 NFL Fantasy Football: Week 8 Last Minute Suggestions

Fantasy Fix is our weekly column where our panel of analysts respond to several fantasy football questions posted by our forum members. Topics will cover general roster questions, start’em sit’em advice, waiver wire pickups, trade questions, and much more. For a chance to have your question featured on this weekly post, sign up for our Fantasy Football Forum and ask us a question.

Forum Question: Which QB would you start in Week 8, Colt McCoy (@SF), Alex Smith (vs.Cle), or Matt Cassel (vs.SD)?(view post mdy18)

FST_Brent: I am on the Cassel bandwagon here but if you can get Ponder I would go with him as FST_Mark suggested. From watching this kid he reminds me of Rodgers (not close to his level yet) but he has an arm and can get some points with his legs. I am betting on the Vikings to beat Carolina this week partly due to Ponder and partly due to this guy named Peterson, that is a sleeper right there.

FST_Dustin: I think Cassel would be my pick as well. He is at home and while the Chargers are solid against the pass I think there could be a lot of points scored in that game.

FST_Mike: Not great options here, but I would give the slight edge to Cassel over McCoy and Smith. The Chargers defense only allows 175 yards passing yards per game which is about what I would expect out of Cassel this week. In Cassel’s Week 3 matchup against the Chargers he only threw for 176 yards, but he did have two TDs.

Forum Question: In a TD only league, which WR would you start in Week 8, Greg Little (@SF) or Michael Jenkins (@Car)?(view post chargersfan)

FST_Brent: I would go Little here – I am a fan of Ponder this week but Little is just a better player than Jenkins and he is due to blow up and after three weeks in the starting line-up this just might be that week.

FST_Dustin: I have never really liked Jenkins but at this point it is all the Vikings have. He has looked fairly decent the last few weeks, and I think they will be able to put up some points on Carolina. I am a Greg Little fan, but I think the Browns could have a hard time moving the ball against the 9ers. So I am going with Jenkins on this one.

FST_Mike: In a TD-only league I would go with Jenkins. Jenkins has found the endzone three times this year, including one last week. Little has yet to find the endzone and while I like him more in other formats, I think Jenkins is a better bet to score as more of a deep threat option for QB Christian Ponder.

Forum Question: Which QBs would you start in Week 8 (pick two), Michael Vick (vs.Dal), Tony Romo (@Phi), or Ben Roethlisberger (vs.NE)?(view post TheKing25405)

FST_Brent: I think you got it right with Big Ben and Vick and I will say why not Romo here – I believe in the Philly secondary still and the run D is really bad. As you might know I am a Murray believer and I expect a lot of Murray this esp. by the goalline. Making the TD total for Romo lower than Big Ben and Vick.

FST_Dustin: Romo is the guy I would pick to sit this week. You can’t pass up Vick against the Cowboys or Big Ben against NE. I still think Romo could have a decent game, but the Eagles do have a solid secondary. I think Romo doesn’t have as much blowup potential as Big Ben and Vick. Good luck this week!

FST_Mike: Solid options here for this week, but I think the odd man out here is Romo. Vick should be fresh after a bye week. Roethlisberger is coming off a solid 361 yard performance in Week 7 against Arizona and now faces a New England pass defense that ranks last in the NFL.

Forum Question: Which TE would you start in Week 8, Jared Cook (vs.Ind), Jermaine Gresham (@Sea), or Jake Ballard (vs.Mia)?(view post JordanMG06)

FST_Brent: I think Cook has the highest upside as the Titans moved him around the field quite a bit and even put him in the WR2 slot at times. But Gresham is the safest as I think he is a lock for 5 catches for 70 yards this week. I would probably go the safe route with Gresham but understand if you go Cook vs the Colts.

FST_Dustin: I am going to go with Gresham on this one. He has been more consistent this year, and I think he will rack up a handful of catches. Cook has a good matchup as well, but I just think Gresham is the safer play.

FST_Mike: Gresham has had four or more catches in all but one game this season. If you are looking for a safe 4-5 catch game go with Gresham. Ballard and Cook could get some redzone looks, but neither are consistent options.

Forum Question: Which RB would you start in Week 8, Jonathan Stewart (vs.Min), Jackie Battle (vs.SD), Delone Carter (@Ten), or Pierre Thomas (@StL)?(view post Team N.B.A.N)

FST_Brent: I love DeMarco Murray but a good part of why he broke the all-time Cowboys rushing record was because the Rams are terrible terrible on run Defense. I would grab PT if you can and start him over any of your other options as I think he finds the endzone this week.

FST_Dustin: I do think you should try to pick up Pierre Thomas. If Ingram plays though I would go with Battle, if Ingram is out then I would go with Thomas. I think both these guys are in line for decent weeks and I think they both have a good chance of finding the end zone.

FST_Mike: Tough call, but for me it is also between Battle and Thomas. Ingram missed practice on Thursday and it is looking more and more like he will not play this week. If you have not already, pick up Thomas just in case. I think he’ll be a nice start this week with Ingram out. Battle should get the majority of the carries for the Chiefs and the Chargers are much weaker against the run than they are against the pass so if you missed out on snagging Thomas, Battle is a nice start.

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