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2011 NFL Fantasy Football: Week 7 Last Minute Suggestions

Fantasy Fix is our weekly column where our panel of analysts respond to several fantasy football questions posted by our forum members. Topics will cover general roster questions, start’em sit’em advice, waiver wire pickups, trade questions, and much more. For a chance to have your question featured on this weekly post, sign up for our Fantasy Football Forum and ask us a question.

Forum Question: Which QB would you start in Week 7, Tim Tebow (@Mia) or Matt Ryan (@Det)?(view post Reggie6801‪)

FST_Brent: Based on those settings I think you go with Ryan. Tebow is a good play for standard leagues where his 6 point rushing TDs is a boost over the 4 pt passing TD. Still it was close but I don’t see Tebow hitting crazy passing totals, nor do I see Ryan doing that, but I think Ryan has a better chance than Tebow.

FST_Dustin: I don’t suggest starting Tebow this week in a lot of situations, but Ryan is a guy that I would start him over. Tebow has a great matchup, and I think he will have a solid game. I think Ryan will have a decent game, but the Lions are tough against the pass. It is a bit of a gamble, but I am going with the upside of Tebow this week.

FST_Mike: I am not as big of a Tebow fan as Dustin, but I would start him over Ryan this week even with your league settings. The Dolphins allow a lot of fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks so Tebow could not have asked for a better week to take over the starting job. I have Ryan ranked very closely to Tebow, but he has not passed for more than 170 yards in either of his last two games and Detroit’s pass rush is solid.

Forum Question: Which RBs (pick 2) would you start in Week 7, DeAngelo Williams (vs.Was), Marshawn Lynch (@Cle), or Shonn Greene (vs.SD)?(view post bears_ftw‪)

FST_Brent: Marshawn Lynch is my odd man out but is is really close in my mind. I think Greene is the lock play but then it getting tricky. The Skins (who Williams is playing) is 11th vs the run while the Browns (who Lynch is playing) is 27th vs the run. So the numbers say sit Williams and start Lynch. With all that said when you are down this low on the RB charts I think you go for the homerun and I think Williams has more of chance of that homerun than Lynch. So I guess Lynch safer with Williams more upside, I take the upside at this point.

FST_Dustin: For me DeAngelo is the odd man out. He hasn’t been catching as many passes as he used too, and his touches have been way down this year. He has a pretty tough matchup against the Skins, and I just like Green and Lynch a little more this week.

FST_Mike: Not a fan of DeAngelo Williams this week against the Skins. Of course you always run the risk of him busting off a 75-yard TD, but he is not getting a lot of touches and he does not get the goal-line carries. Lynch is coming off a bye week and faces the Browns, who are not great against the run. Shonn Greene has not been great this year by any means, but he has had two straight weeks with 20+ carries. I’d bench Williams this week.

Forum Question: Which RB has more fantasy value DeMarco Murray or Jackie Battle?(view post folcane‪)

FST_Brent: I am going with Murray – I loved this kid coming into the year and now is his chance. I see Jones being out a few weeks and during that time Murray steps up and plays great. Bold call here – Murray keeps the starting job as the Cowboys main back – the Boys win the next three weeks and Murray is the starting for the rest of the year. (and the Cowboys win the NFC East)

FST_Dustin: They both have solid matchups, but Murray is my pick. I am a fan of Battle, but he is a question mark at this point. We know that Murray is going to be a big part of the Cowboys offense this week, and they will more than likely be playing with a lead. I have high hopes for Murray these next few weeks.

FST_Mike: Jackie Battle was a nice surprise in Week 5 against the Colts, but I don’t think he can be trusted week-to-week just yet. If he has another solid game and begins to see consistent carries he may have some long-term value, but I think his upside is somewhat limited by the Chiefs offense. Short-term go with Murray and hope he makes the most of his opportunity and earns a shot at holding on to the starting gig.

Forum Question: Which WRs (pick 3) would you start this week, Jordy Nelson (@Min), Dez Bryant (vs.StL), Steve Breaston (@Oak), or Marques Colston (vs.Ind)?(view post Du5t1Nk‪)

FST_Brent: Jordy Nelson versus vikings, Dez Bryant versus rams, and Marques Colston versus colts are my three. The reason Steve Breaston is the odd man out is simply due to the QB. I trust Brees, Romo, and Rodgers all more than Cassell to have big games.

FST_Dustin: I think Breaston has to be your odd man out. He did have a couple solid games before the bye, but I would still only start him if you don’t have any other solid options. Nelson, Bryant, and Colston all have bigger upsides, and they all have good matchups.

FST_Mike: Dez Bryant and Marques Colston are must-starts this week. Jordy Nelson is still more of a deep threat than anything else with three or less receptions in four out of six games this season. However, there is no better place to be a deep threat than in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers. Bench Breaston this week.

Forum Question: Which QB would you start in Week 7, Colt McCoy (vs.Sea), John Beck (@Car), or Christian Ponder (vs.GB)?(view post carcelkaye‪)

FST_Brent: I agree with your gut and say McCoy. For a bye week guy you could do a lot worse (like Ponder vs the Packers – he is going to get killed) McCoy has not been out of this world but over 200 yards a game and at least one touch has been his floor. This week I see his upside (throwing to my new favorite Little) to be 270 yards and two touchdowns which could happen. So roll with McCoy the most experienced out of your choices.

FST_Dustin: Beck and Ponder are too big question marks at this point. McCoy has a decent matchup and I think he has to be your guy. McCoy has only had 1 really good game this year, but he should be able to put up decent numbers this week.

FST_Mike: Ponder is going to have a long day against the Packers this week, Beck takes over for Grossman this week so I think they’ll ease him in and rely heavily on the run this week. McCoy is not the greatest start this week either, but your best bet out of the available options.

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