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2011 NFL Fantasy Football: Week 11 Players to Watch

The last of the bye-weeks  had many owners sweating at the beginning of the season, particularly those who were lucky enough to pick in the first half of the draft, because this was the week they would have to live without the services of either Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, or Big Ben.

Well those without Peyton have either learned how to live without him or have longed scrapped the season by now, but the others now must look to their number two to win what could be a critical week down the stretch or pick up something crafty on the free agent wire. So for those of you digging through the rubbish to try and find a diamond in the rough we’ve got a couple of suggestions.

Carson Palmer – Oakland at Minnesota this may look like a trap because Minnesota has the third ranked overall defense in the NFC, but their pass defense is ranked 30th overall, giving the Patriots a run for their money. He is available in most leagues because he was supposed to be playing shuffle board in Florida this year and after a disaster of a first game so go get him.

Buyer Beware – Tarvaris Jackson – Seattle at Rams, now TJack is an easy pickup on almost all waiver wires and should clear without any problems. He’s listed as probable for Sunday against the Rams and their 20th ranked passing defense but who knows what kind of game shape he is in because he’s only had limited participation in practice. Still get him for nothing and he might snack you coming off the bench.

Hot Potato – Blaine Gabbert – Jacksonville at Cleveland, He baited a lot of people after his 221-yard, TD performance against Cincinnati in week 5 but since then has gone for 93 and 97 yards respectively over the next two and despite their record the Browns have the third best defense in regards to passing yards and passing TDs in the league. Cool Mo D had better have a good ground game to help balance this out or they will be pinning their ears back and coming after the rook. It only gets worse next week in Texas so if he’s your number two or three, it’s time to go shopping.

Next up the running backs...

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