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2011 NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference 1st Round Schedule

Look out folks, NBA games are about to feature a little something we like to call "a sense of urgency" in the coming days. With the postseason set to tip off this weekend, the league finally released the highly anticipated schedule for the first round of the Eastern Conference. Check it out below:

Saturday, April 16
1:00: Indiana at Chicago, ESPN
3:30: Philadelphia at Miami, ABC
7:00: Atlanta at Orlando, ESPN
Sunday, April 17
7:00: New York at Boston, TNT
Monday, April 18
7:00: Philadelphia at Miami, TNT
9:30: Indiana at Chicago, TNT
Tuesday, April 19
7:00: New York at Boston, TNT
7:30: Atlanta at Orlando, NBA
Thursday, April 21
TBD: Miami at Philadelphia, TNT
TBD: Chicago at Indiana, NBA-TV
Friday, April 22
TBD: Boston at New York, ESPN
TBD: Orlando at Atlanta, ESPN2
Saturday, April 23
TBD: Chicago at Indiana, TBD
Sunday, April 24
1:00: Miami at Philadelphia, ABC
3:30: Boston at New York, ABC
7:00: Orlando at Atlanta, TNT
Tuesday, April 26
TBD: New York at Boston*, TBD
TBD: Indiana at Chicago*, TBD
TBD: Atlanta at Orlando*, TBD
Wednesday, April 27
TBD: Philadelphia at Miami*, TBD
Thursday, April 28
TBD: Orlando at Atlanta*, TBD
Friday, April 29
TBD: Miami at Philadelphia*, TBD
TBD: Boston at New York*, TBD
Saturday, April 30
TBD: Indiana at Chicago*, TNT
TBD: Atlanta at Orlando*, TNT
Sunday, May 1
TBD: Philadelphia at Miami*, TBD
TBD: New York at Boston*, TBD


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