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2011 NBA Free Agent Analysis: Power Forwards

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Given the upcoming end to the NBA Lockout, we’ve decided to start actually reviewing basketball news again! Yesterday we went over the free agent centers. Today we continue by going over the available power forwards.

Great picks

  • Kris Humphries: Devin noticed a nice trend in Humphries’ career — when he plays over 900 minutes, he plays well. He had a breakout season last year and he’s still young. He’ll help the team that signs him, and here’s hoping the Nets try and keep him teamed up with Deron Williams.
  • Chuck Hayes: Chuck Hayes played great last season — the first year he’s been trusted with over 2000 minutes. His last few season averages are a bit lower, but that’s because he’s filled in at center for the injury prone Rockets. He’s a great value and an easy choice for any team if they get the chance.

Leave them alone

  • Glen Davis: He has been absolutely terrible throughout his entire career. The Celtics have been good in spite of him, not thanks to him. Any team looking to contend should pass on Big Baby.
  • Yi Jianlian: He was supposed to be the next Yao. Sadly it hasn’t played out that way. Hopefully teams won’t be sold on his “potential” and will instead let him walk.
  • Jeff Green: Amazing how Boston was able to horde bad players. Jeff Green claims he was in Durant’s shadow, but the truth is he was actually standing in Durant’s way, and once he left, he helped out the Thunder. The only team he’ll help this year is the Celtics — so long as he moves to another team.

Curious cases

  • Andrei Kirilenko: AK-47 was once a great player worth a big contract. Sadly, he’s been on and off thanks to injury. Still, he has been a productive player, and for the right cost he’ll help someone out. In fact, any team looking at David West should really consider Kirilenko instead, as he’ll probably be cheaper and just as productive.
  • Reggie Evans: Evans is older and coming off of injuries, but at one point last year he was jockeying for a top spot in the league. I don’t know if he can be the player to build around but he could be a great help to a team in need of a rebounding specialist.
  • Jonas Jerebko: Jonas had a great rookie season. He was a shining spot on an otherwise terrible Pistons. Sadly, he lost all of last season to injury. It’s always a risk to take on players just coming back from injury. That said he’s young and if the price is right he’s definitely worth it.

Summing up

Although there are definitely some good values in this year’s power forward crop, there are also many potholes. David West has been average in his recent years and has just hit 30, which is when most players start to decline. He’ll probably help a team, but will likely not be worth the contract he gets. Some young players with “potential”, like Green and Davis, will likely hurt some teams’ pocket books and win-loss records. With that said, a few teams will get some productive players — let’s just hope they play them the minutes they deserve.


Thanks to Hoopsworld for compiling the free agents position by position. Let me know of any I have missed or that have changed contract situations during the lockout.


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