2011 NBA Free Agent Analysis: Brandon Roy

By Cory Bernstein

Based on pure talent, Brandon Roy is the best player available this offseason by far. It appears that Roy will be amnestied by the Blazers, as he makes over sixty million dollars over the next four years. Brandon Roy simply makes too much money for an already over the cap Blazers team, and it makes no sense for him not to be amnestied. Despite petitions from Blazers fans and a small uprising on Blazersedge (a great blog), it appears very likely that Brandon Roy will get amnestied.

It's very sad that Roy has come to this point in his career. After the 2009 season, Roy scored 22.6 points, 5.1 assists, 4.7 rebounds, and an All-Star selection. However, his play has regressed over the last two seasons, missing a combined fifty two games and averaging less than twenty eight minutes and 13 points per game. Roy's poor play can be solely attributed to his horrible knees. He has almost no cartilage, and this makes it very difficult for him to play for extended period of time. Roy should be an NBA All-Star right now, a rising star leading Rip City to a title run this season, but his body has betrayed him.

Despite this, Brandon Roy could still have value on the Nets. As many remember, Roy had one of the finest quarters in NBA history last year, scoring 18 points in the fourth quarter against the Mavericks, leading an incredible twenty three point comeback in Game 4 of the first round of the playoffs. Roy has showed his ability despite his injury, and the Nets could take a gamble on him. With scorers such as Anthony Morrow and MarShon Brooks already on the roster, Roy would not have to play very much a game, and could be a lethal sixth man. He will go into an "amnesty auction", where teams below the salary cap can bid on players who are amnestied, and the highest bidder gets the rights to the player. With the Nets under the cap, they can spend some money on Roy, and I'd expect he goes for somewhere between 20 and 25 million dollars. For Roy, that would be worth it.

It's not often that a top twenty scorer in the entire NBA would come on the cheap like Roy, and I think it would be foolish of the Nets to not pursue him actively. If Roy could regain his 2009 form, although highly unlikely, would give the Nets one of the fifteen best players in the NBA. Roy can score, play defense, pass, rebound, and do just about everything a superstar needs to attain that status. He would play in a bench role to limit his minutes, but if healthy there is no doubt that Roy would be the starting shooting guard and leading scorer on the Nets. If the Nets are seriously interested in keeping Deron Williams, they will sign Brandon Roy. It's worth gambling twenty million dollars to have the possibility of forming the best backcourt in the entire NBA.

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