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2011 NBA Free Agency: Top Available Centers

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With the lockout hopefully coming to a close, we can once again begin discussing the NBA and players! Given this great news, we decided to make some free agent help sheets, and we’ll be starting with centers.

Great picks

  • Nene Hilario: In terms of consistency and performance, Nene is the best available center. Tack on the fact that he’s unrestricted and it’s clear he’ll have lots of suitors. He is a bit older but he should still have several good seasons left.
  • Tyson Chandler: He had a great season last year, but he’s had some injury problems in the last few seasons. He’s a restricted free agent and Cuban will probably put up a fight. The new CBA might make him easier to get loose though and he can definitely help another team.
  • DeAndre Jordan: He’s young and seemed to hit his stride last season. Any team looking for a top center with a great upside should give him a look. Of course, if the Clippers decide to be winners for once, they may just retain his services

Stay away

  • Eddy Curry: The fact that his rank last season went up by not playing is not a good sign. Some team will think he may be able to help but they will be wrong. It’s best to just pass on him.
  • Alexis Ajinca: He’s young but he’s been terrible his first several seasons. A bad center is a good way to torpedo your team (see Minnesota and Toronto) and Alexis could be that player.

Curious cases

  • Greg Oden: He’s been injury prone and has been labeled a draft bust. With that said in his limited minutes he’s been great. He’s not worth a big contract but he could be worth a look for some teams.
  • Joel Przbilla: He’s older and has had some injury problems. That said, he’s in the same boat as Oden. He’s played great in the past and could be a decent bench player for a reasonable price.

It’s great to be talking basketball again — even though I am talking about the Nuggets possibly losing their best player. Let me know if I missed any players.



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