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2011 Heisman Rankings: Luck, Wilson, Mathieu and More

Andrew Luck seems to have somewhat cemented himself as the front runner in our poll over at Crystal Ball Run, given that he's been on top for three straight weeks now. Then again, Russell Wilson bit into his lead this week and Trent Richardson took a huge step forward as he picked up a lot of points this week.

As I have done the last couple of weeks I thought I would share the votes that were submitted from our site. Read who we voted for and then head over to Crystal Ball Run and check out Week Seven of the Bloguin Heisman Poll.

And if you are not sure about clicking over to the link I will tease that there is an interesting comment made below the article by the Co-Managing Editor of CBR, Aaron Torres of Aaron Torres Sports.

Pete Sonski:

#1 Andrew Luck is that type of quarterback -- that type of football player -- that is a notch above even the very best that play the game. He'll scoop up the Heisman and several more honors on his way to being the #1 pick in the draft.

#2 Trent Richardson's coming out game coincided with injuries that sidelined LaMichael James and Marcus Lattimore. He is one rugged tailback, who probably won't win the Heisman, but will be on the short list of players in the room.

#3 All Kellen Moore has done in his college football career is win football games. He is an exceptional player who will have a tremendous college career. His success has earned Boise State great respect.


#1 Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama

I would like to welcome my fellow Trent Richardson voters aboard the bandwagon. I've had TR #1 for the last three weeks after he bullied the Florida defensive line. The best thing he did last week against Ole Miss was he had the "Heisman Moment" highlight where he broke the poor Ole Miss defenders ankles. Not only is Trent the most worthy candidate right now but now he has something on video that will make the voters remember him. If Bama win the SEC Title, he wins the Heisman.

#2 Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin

Russell Wilson does something different every week that makes you wonder just how good he is. Is Tom O'Brien crazy or is Tom O'Brien NUTS? What did Russell Wilson do this week? Not much. He just caught a TD pass! This week will really be the measuring stick for Wilson as he goes up against the #2 ranked defense in the Nation in Michigan State.

#3 Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU

This was of course before the suspension but I just really like what he brings to the table. Mathieu has been a game changer for LSU this year on defense. Now that teams are trying to avoid him he's made it easier for his teammates to make plays because they know the ball is coming there way. He will definitely slide as he misses time for the suspension.


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