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2011 Fantasy Football: NFL Week 9 Last Minute Suggestions

Fantasy Fix is our weekly column where our panel of analysts respond to several fantasy football questions posted by our forum members. Topics will cover general roster questions, start’em sit’em advice, waiver wire pickups, trade questions, and much more. For a chance to have your question featured on this weekly post, sign up for our Fantasy Football Forum and ask us a question.

Forum Question: Which RBs (pick two) would you start in Week 9, Chris Johnson (vs.Cin), Steven Jackson (@Ari), Knowshon Moreno (@Oak), or Cedric Benson (@Ten)?(view post by lookitsmrchris)

FST_Brent: Well Jackson is the must start out of these guys then it gets pretty tough. I would be between Benson and Johnson for the other start and due to Johnson’s play I would not feel too confident putting him in my line-up. Benson is a lock to get the majority of the touches and that is not the case for Johnson anymore so I say go Benson. At this point if Johnson blow up on your bench that is still a good thing since you will know there is still a chance of that happening.

FST_Dustin: For me I think you go Jackson and Benson. Jackson is a must start at this point, and Tennessee isn’t that great at stopping the run. Benson should be well rested coming off of his suspension, and he should be able to have a productive game. Good luck this week!

FST_Mike: Steven Jackson will see another big workload this week, so he is a must-start. I’d go with Benson for my second start. With a bye week in Week 7 and a suspension in Week 8 he’s had two weeks to rest. There is a slight risk that Bernard Scott gets a few more carries than normal, but Benson should still be good for 15-20 touches. I think Chris Johnson is due for a breakout game at some point this season, but I don’t see it happening against the Bengals rush D who have only allowed more than 100 yards rushing just once this season.

Forum Question: Which QB would you start in Week 9, Joe Flacco (@Pit) or Sam Bradford (@Ari)?(view post by FantasyPunk87)

FST_Brent: I have made the comment that the ARZ secondary could not stop a good high school team and even if that is an attempt at a bad joke it is almost true. Due to this fact I think you go with Bradford this week as his upside is much greater than Flacco vs a Steelers team at home, looking for revenge.

FST_Dustin: If Bradford is playing and close to 100% I think he is your man, but I don’t think that will be the case. You just have to pay attention to the reports on Sunday. Flacco could put up ok numbers this week, but I wouldn’t expect much.

FST_Mike: I think Flacco is a safer start this week, but I would keep my expectations low against the Steelers D despite throwing three TDs against them in Week 1. Bradford has a better matchup, but he may be dealing with lingering pain from his ankle sprain. Keep an eye on Bradford’s injury updates, but I am leaning towards Flacco

Forum Question: Which QB would you start in Week 9, Alex Smith (@Was), Carson Palmer (vs.Den), or Sam Bradford (@Ari)?(view post by robotFOOD)

FST_Brent: Washington has looked terrible as of late and ARZ is just terrible vs the pass so I am between Smith and Bradford. The fact Bradford is coming off the hurt ankle he scares me just a little bit, it is enough for me to think you should start Smith here. He has managed the games well and I think he has a solid game this week in a win vs the Skins.

FST_Dustin: If Bradford was healthy he would be my pick, but at this point it seems like a long shot. I think Smith is easily the safest pick between he and Palmer, but I don’t mind the gamble of Palmer. He had 2 weeks to get up to speed, and that game has the potential of being a shootout. I know these are completely different teams now, but in their 2 games last year there was a total of 135 points scored. In there first game this year there was a total of 43 points. You never know what is going to happen in a division game like this, but it seems like these two teams find themselves in high scoring games a lot.

FST_Mike: I think I’d go with Palmer here. He’s had another week to get familiar with the playbook and while I don’t expect a huge game, he does have a favorable matchup against the Broncos who give up the most fantasy points to opposing QBs.

Forum Question: Which RBs (pick 2) would you start in Week 9, Beanie Wells (vs.StL), DeMarco Murray (vs.Sea), Ryan Mathews (vs.GB), or Steven Jackson (@Ari)?(view post by Tewhitte)

FST_Brent: I love me some Murray but Seattle is pretty good vs the run while St. Louis is just terrible and Arizona is just a bad overall defense. Based on the match-up I think you go Wells and Jackson here.

FST_Dustin: I am with everyone else on this one. I really want to say Murray because I think the Cowboys will be playing with a lead, but it’s hard to justify picking him over Jackson and Wells. They both have solid match-ups, and they are both coming off of solid games.

FST_Mike: Mathews is likely out this week, so you can cross him off the list. Between the remaining players, I think you have to go with Wells and Jackson. Felix Jones is likely out again this week so Murray will see a majority of the carries, but he has a tough matchup against Seattle’s run D.

Forum Question: Which TE would you start in Week 9, Jermichael Finley (@SD) or Antonio Gates (vs.GB)?(view post by mdy18)

FST_Brent: I think I would go Gates here – Finley has not been great this year since Rodgers spreads the ball around so much. Monday Night Gates had a touchdown called back – I think he gets in the endzone this week and it sticks.

FST_Dustin: As long as there are no negative reports on the health status of Gates, then he would be my guy. The Packers give up a lot of yards through the air, and more then likely the Chargers will be playing from behind.

FST_Mike: Finley has been hit or miss this year and while he’s still a solid TE 1 option for many fantasy teams I think a healthy Gates is a better start this week. Just keep an eye on the injury reports.

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