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2011 Fantasy Football: NFL Week 7 Start’em Sit’em

Start ‘em Sit ‘em is our weekly look at favorable and unfavorable match-ups and how they might affect lineup decisions for your fantasy football team. Other than a few elite players, no one should be classified as a must start every week, and analyzing match-ups can go a long way to giving your team a weekly edge. If you have any start’em sit’em questions feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.

Week 7 Byes

Bills, Bengals, Patriots, Giants, Eagles, 49ers

Running Backs

DeMarco Murray DAL vs. STL | Pick-up and Play

If you are in the need of a bye week replacement or even have an issues in the near future I love me some DeMarco Murray. Heading into the season I was a fan because I have never been a huge Felix Jones believer and now that Felix is out with a high ankle sprain the rookie will get his turn. Murray is a nice combo back of size and speed – throw in the fact he has good hands and mix that with playing a team in the Rams that are ranked almost dead last vs the run and you got a great pickup and play right here. (Cowboys have an always will hate Choice – Murray will start) Side note and a big call here: Murray runs well, keeps the starting job all year, and leads the Cowboys to a division title. Hello my new man crush.

James Starks GB @ MIN | Sit’em

You might see the match-up and think if the Bears crushed the Vikings then what will the Packers do to them? This in turn might you think that all Packers are must starts this week but not so fast. Starks is the back to own for the Packers but the Vikings only give up 83.5 yards on the ground. To add to that Starks only got 13 carries last week as the Packers love to throw the ball no matter the score or situation. With all the byes I am sure it is tough to bench Starks but just lower your expectations.

Ryan Torain WAS @ CAR | Pick-up and Play

I am going to go double or nothing on Torain this week. Sure Shanny is a nightmare and I am sure no one is going to start him (heck he is a pick-up and play since I am sure he is available in a good amount of leagues still) but I say roll the dice. Last week the Skins got down early and barely had a chance to establish the run game since Sexy Rexy threw it to the Eagles as many times as to his own team. This week Carolina is the opponent and they are even worse than the Eagles at stopping the run. I think Torain gets the start again, bulk of carries, and find the endzone this week.

Wide Receivers

Greg Little CLE vs. SEA | Pick-up and Play

I know I had Torain last week as well but I am not being lazy. If Little did not trip on this way into the endzone he would have been the most added wideout this week as his totals would have been elite. Little had six catches for 72 yards and as stated should have had a touchdown. When watching this game it was clear that Little is a talent and I think he has a great second half on the season. In this match-up no corner really scares me on the Seahawks and they get no pressue on the QB. The Seahawks have only eight sacks this year so if you give Little time to get open I think McCoy is going to find him.

Brandon Lloyd STL @ DAL | Start’em

Lloyd reunites with Josh McDaniels which is the main reason I like Lloyd going forward. Last season McDaniels figured out a way to get more out of Lloyd than anyone ever had so he knows how to use him. This week he plays a Cowboys team that is solid against the run and ok against the pass (they got healthy last week so I cannot call them terrible anymore). I expect the Cowboys to blow out the Rams (calling it now they win the NFC East) so the Rams will be passing the ball and I think Lloyd gets a lot of looks. Side note – Bradford is in a walking boot and is questionable this week, I think he plays but if he doesn’t this is all void.

Reggie Wayne IND @ NO | Start’em

Wayne has been a disappointment to say the least this year. Manning being out is really hurting the soon to be free agent (yep at the end of the year – so he is playing for a payday) but this week I feel he get more looks. Painter has had a few weeks to work with Wayne to get on the same page as him. Wayne is just too talented not to have a big game from time to time. The Saints are a gambling blitz style defense and Wayne is still one of the best at running slants. I think he gets a few slants giving him good yardage and the chance to take one to the house.


Tim Tebow DEN @ MIA | Pick-up and Play

If you don’t watch the videos shame on you – I sit next to a guy named Dustin every week for a start’em sit’em that is a huge huge Tebow believer. I have bought into the hype of Dustin’s boy but here is a great stat. In the past eight games Tebow has played QB (even for a play) he has had a rushing Touchdown in seven of them. Yeah that is crazy. This week he gets his first start of the season and I think he team rallies around him. I agree with Dustin (for this week) since the match-up is great but going forward – I see an argument coming……stay tuned.

Phillip Rivers SD vs. NYJ | Start’em

Every week whoever own the quarterback that plays the Jets and Revis Island ask the question – should I bench him? This week Rivers gets the Jets and since he has been playing poorly by his standards (out of the top 10 in QBs) I am sure we will be getting this question all over again. At a quick glance I can only find five quarterbacks I would start over Rivers. Sure the match-up is not great but they are coming off the bye and Rivers might even get Gates back this week. I say start Rivers based on his talent alone and reap the rewards.

Jay Cutler CHI @ TB| Pick-up and Play

Cutler looked great on Sunday Night – the big difference in my mind was the fact Martz realized his seven step drop plays were getting Cutler killed. He changed up the play book and moved Cutler around in the pocket and called a lot more quick throws for him. When the Vikings started to cheat up on the wideouts he opened up the playbook allowing Cutler to take a shot down the field. I expect more of the same this week. Cutler is turnover prone so the fact he is playing a defense that picked off Drew Bress three times is a little scary but, as a buy week replacement you could be getting a 300 passing, 2 throwing, 1 rushing (this is his max max ceiling of course) play. That upside makes him an interesting replacement if you are looking to pick someone up to replace Vick or Brady.

Tight End

Ed Dickson BAL @ JAC | Pick-up and Play

Dickson might not have the flashiest numbers thus far but Flacco is certainly targeting him. Teams are so worries about Ray Rice a chip block for Dickson into the flat or over the middle seems to lead to some open space for Dickson. This week the front seven of the Jags are pretty tough but they over commit at times to stop the run and therefore Dickson has the chance to have a sneaky good week. If you hurting for a Tight End Dickson is a safer bet for three to five catches with the upside of a 70 yards a touch.


Browns DEF CLE vs. SEA | Pick-up and Play

Six and counting – that is how many times I have selected a pick up and play defense that has scored a touchdown. (if you are playing at home that is perfect on the year and if you have been playing you are a pretty happy with him) So as I took at look at the match-ups I like the Browns. Joe Haden is back in the line-up, Seattle has to travel across the county, and the Browns are seventh in total yards allowed a game. I cannot tell you without a doubt they get a pick six but I can tell you I am a fan of the match-up.

If you have any start’em sit’em questions feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.


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