2011 Fantasy Football: NFL Week 5 Last Minute Suggestions

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Forum Question: Which TE would you start for Week 5, Tony Gonzalez (vs.GB), Owen Daniels (vs.Oak), or Brandon Pettigrew (vs.Chi)?(view post Zealous‪)

FST_Brent: Hernandez did practice today but I don’t see him playing – even if he does I would not start him until I see that he is fully healthy. I would go Daniels with Andre out I think he gets even more looks and has a very productive game.

FST_Dustin: I think you got to go with Daniels on this one. The Texans are going to have to have to get Daniels a lot more involved with Johnson being out, and he could have a big game this week. Oakland so far this year has given up over 400 yards a game on defense, and the Texans should be able to put up some good offensive numbers. Are all 4 of these TEs on your team? If so you need to try to find a way to trade or even drop one or two of these guys. TEs don’t have a ton of value, and you should use your bench spots for RBs and WRs that could give you a lot more trade value.

FST_Mike: All three are decent options this week, but I think you have to go with Daniels. With Andre Johnson likely out this week, Daniels should see more looks. After Daniels I would go with Gonzalez and then Pettigrew.

Forum Question: Which TE is the better pickup for the remainder of the season, Ed Dickson or Fred Davis?(view post BiggerBoat‪)

FST_Brent: To me it is not very close at this point – with the return of Cooley Davis’ value certainly takes a hit while Dickson is getting a ton of targets each week.

FST_Dustin: This is really tough because as long as Cooley is around I that is going hurt the value of Davis. I think these two have very similar upside moving forward, and I would actually give the slight edge to Dickson. He has been consistently involved in the offense, and I think he will continue to get a lot of targets.

FST_Mike: Very close call, but I think Ed Dickson is in less of a timeshare at his position. Both Davis and Dickson have decent upsides, but as Cooley gets more involved in the Skins offense Davis’ upside is somewhat limited.

Forum Question: Which team defense is the best spot start this week, 49ers (vs.TB), Bengals (@Jax), or Titans (@Pit)?(view post robotFOOD‪)

FST_Brent: It is crazy but I am thinking Cincy, well not that crazy and here is why. According to the numbers the number one ranked defense in yards allowed is none other than the Cincinnati Bengals. Now they have had some easy match-ups along the way and there are plenty of other defenses I would rather see you play but considering all the byes it might be slim pickings. So this is a numbers thing here and numbers don’t lie. Cincy has allowed an average of 275 yards a game and this week they do play a rookie in Blaine Gabbert so they are a defense that will be available that could produce for you.

FST_Dustin: I like the Bengals and the Titans this week. I am starting one of these two defenses in almost all of my leagues this week. If Big Ben ends up playing then I think you go with the Bengals, but if he doesn’t play then go with the Titans. If the Steelers have Mendenhall and Big Ben out then I think the Titans should be able to put up some decent fantasy points.

FST_Mike: I have the Titans and Bengals ranked very closely this week, but I would give the edge to the Titans against the Steelers. Big Ben will be less than 100%, the Steelers offensive line is a mess and the Titans already have 10 sacks. The Titans may give up a few points, but I think they’ll make up for it with a couple sacks and a turnover or two.

Forum Question: Which WR would you start for Week 5, Lance Moore (@Car) or Sidney Rice (@NYG)?(view post mdy18‪)

FST_Brent: Too many mouths to feed in NO for me. Rice has been playing great and I do not expect Seattle to score that much this week I do expect Rice to be the key contributor on any drives that last more than 3 downs.

FST_Dustin: Not easy. I want to say Moore who is playing the Panthers but they have been pretty solid against the pass this year. Rice has the Giants who have been pretty bad so far this year, but they are slowly getting their big names back on D. I think the Seahawks might have a hard time moving the ball against the Giants in NY, so I am going to go with the better offense in the Saints. Also, the average combined score of the 4 Panthers games so far is about 48 points per game, so they have been involved in a lot of shootouts. The one low scoring game was against Jacksonville when they were playing in that crazy rain storm. I say go with Moore. I am going to post this question as a poll question on our homepage.

FST_Mike: It is always hit or miss with the wideouts in New Orleans and Colston should be closer to 100% this week. The Seahawks are are going to find themselves throwing early, often, a lot this season and Rice is their most talented WR. Mike Williams also may miss this week, but even if he plays I would still go with Rice.

Forum Question: Which RB is the best pick up and play this week, Isaac Redman (vs.Ten), Stevan Ridley (vs.NYJ), Mark Ingram (@Car), Kendall Hunter (vs.TB)?(view post DormSauce‪)

FST_Brent: I got the same problem with these three guys in one of my leagues and here is my thoughts. Isaac Redman (PIT – with Mendy possibly out) vs TEN – if Mendy out I love the fact he gets 20+ touches maybe even 30. Steven Ridley (NE) vs NYJ – JETS run D is better than their rank but I love the ceiling of Ridley. Mark Ingram (NO) vs CAR – If there was ever a time he breaks out this is the week. Carolina is bad in general on DEF and Ingram is suppose to get more touches this week. Out of the mix I am going with Redman since I feel Mendy is out (so only if he is) and love the fact he will get so many touches. In a limited role he has looked pretty good so I say Redman it is.

FST_Dustin: For week 5 only I am going with Ingram. He has been getting a lot touches, and he should be able to put up some solid yards vs. Carolina’s weak run D. Long term I like Ridley, I think he will take over as the lead back for the Pats and could have a solid season.

FST_Mike: If Rashard Mendenhall is out I would go with Isaac Redman. If Mendenhall plays I would go with Mark Ingram against the Panthers. The Panthers are without Jon Beason and Thomas Davis, and gave up 205 yards on the ground to Matt Forte in Week 4.

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