2011 Fantasy Football NFL Week 4 Tidbits

The Doctor is in…

  • If the mark of a good QB is how much he improves from game to game and year to year then Jets QB Mark Sanchez is regressing. He looked worse this year against the Ravens than he did last year.
  • Reason to invest in Pepto Bismol: Giants QB Eli Manning going into 4th quarter had 167 yards passing and zero TD. Eli Manning at game’s end had 321 yards and 2 TD.
  • The Steelers are in trouble: Their OL stinks,QB Ben Roethlisberger has no time to throw, and RB Rashard Mendenhall can’t find a running lane. Use their great schedule to trade with another owner if possible.
  • Stop with the Sell High on QB Cam Newton. He is officially Fantasy gold. Even WR Steve Smith is a great guy to target.
  • There was a TE Jared Cook sighting this week. The Titans need to use him more in their offensive scheme; he is a match up problem for most LB.
  • Please jump on the WR Eric Decker bandwagon. He is as rock solid and underrated as you can find right now in Fantasy leagues.
  • Paging RB Tim Hightower owners: The Shanahan hijinks has started. Abandon ship ASAP!
  • Spagnuolo and Sparano are going to need to call Tony Soprano for a favor to help keep their jobs. They might both be whacked by Week 6.
  • Looking for FF playoff gold: go pickup Patriots RB Stevan Ridley. I firmly believe he will be the lead RB in New England by Fantasy playoff time.
  • I am always leery of hamstring injuries lingering, but Texans RB Arian Foster looked great yesterday. Backup Ben Tate heard a pop in his hamstring. Pops usually mean about three weeks on the bench.
  • If Raiders RB Michael Bush is out for any length of time, remember the name Taiwan Jones. Never heard of him? Trust me, you will.
  • If Leslie Frazier wants to keep his job with the Vikings, he better start pondering when to play rookie QB Christian Ponder. The Donovan McNabb experiment is over.

The Doctor is out…

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