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2011 Fantasy Football: NFL Week 14 Last Minute Suggestions

Fantasy Fix is our weekly column where our panel of analysts respond to several fantasy football questions posted by our forum members. Topics will cover general roster questions, start’em sit’em advice, waiver wire pickups, trade questions, and much more. For a chance to have your question featured on this weekly post, sign up for our Fantasy Football Forum and ask us a question.

Forum Question: Which WR would you start in Week 14, Torrey Smith (vs.Ind) or Doug Baldwin (vs.StL), or Jeremy Maclin (@Mia)?(view post by rickeyp)

FST_Brent: I would rank them accordingly. Maclin – if he plays and regardless if Vick plays or not (really looking like he is a go). Smith – he has had almost as many points per game as Boldin but he is a big hit or miss guy and I like the match up this week. Baldwin – Hit or miss but much more often miss than hit.

FST_Dustin: Baldwin is too risky at this point so I am between Maclin and Torrey Smith. If Maclin plays I think he is your man. He has a decent matchup and he is clearly the favorite target of Vick (assuming Vick plays). If Maclin doesn’t play then I think Smith is a decent option. One guy I do like more than Smith this week if he is available is Heyward-Bey. There are a lot of banged up Raider receivers this week and Heyward-Bey might get a few more targets as the Raiders try to keep up with the Packers.

FST_Mike: I agree, it’s between Smith and Maclin for the top spot. Since Smith is more of a deep threat, he has been hit or miss this season, but against the Colts this week I think it will be a hit. Obviously keep a close watch on the injury report for Maclin, but if it sounds like he’ll be ready to go I would start him over Smith.

Forum Question: Which QB would you start in Week 14, Matt Ryan (@Car) or Michael Vick (@Mia)?(view post by conorn98)

FST_Brent: I am not a big fan of Matty Ice’s match-up and if you drafted Vick in the first or the second round it is due to this blow-up potential. I would not leave that upside on my bench and start Vick.

FST_Dustin: If the pre-game reports sound like Vick is pretty much 100% then I don’t see how you can pass on his upside. Those extra points he adds with his legs add so much to his potential each week. The Dolphins D has been playing ok lately, but I don’t think Vick and the Eagles will have a hard time moving the ball. The thing that scares me with Ryan is that we might get a heavy dose of Turner week 14 since Carolina is terrible against the run.

FST_Mike: Very close call here. I like Vick’s upside, but Miami’s underrated defense is hot right now, which makes him a very risky start this week. Also, keep in mind that Vick only had three TD passes and four picks in four games before his latest injury. I think Matt Ryan is a safer start but that comes with a lower ceiling.

Forum Question: Which WR would you start in Week 14, Damian Williams (vs.NO) or Dwayne Bowe (@NYJ)?(view post by Reggie6801)

FST_Brent: Tyler Palko is just terrible and will continue to start and be terrible this week since Orton will be out with a finger injury. Combine the fact that Revis will be on Bowe and I just don’t see how you can start him.

FST_Dustin: I really like Williams this week. The Titans should be playing catchup and throwing a ton and I like the potential of Williams getting a lot of targets. Bowe should get a lot of targets as well, but I think Williams has a much bigger upside and a better chance of finding the endzone.

FST_Mike: I think I’d rather take my chances with Williams. Tyler Palko at QB with Revis Island equals bench for Bowe in my opinion. Williams also has a nice matchup against the Saints since the Titans will likely have to pass a lot to keep pace in that game.

Forum Question: Which RB would you start in Week 14, Roy Helu (vs.NE) or Willis McGahee (vs.Chi)?(view post by mdy18)

FST_Brent: It is a match-up thing for me as well. I would roll with Helu (who got a million touches last week) vs a bad Pats Defense.

FST_Dustin: This is a close one I am going to add this as a poll question on our homepage. I think McGahee is the much safer play, but I think Helu has the bigger upside. The Patriots give up a lot of yards on D and I expect Helu to get a ton of receptions. I normally like to take the gamble, so my pick would be to go with Helu.

FST_Mike: I like Helu this week, especially in a PPR league. Even if the Skins go down early, he’ll be heavily involved in the passing game. McGahee is still a decent start and a safe bet for 20 touches a game, but I like Helu’s upside more this week.

Forum Question: Which WR would you start in Week 14, Santana Moss (vs.NE) or Damian Williams (vs.NO)?(view post by NyanCat)

FST_Brent: Out of the two WRs I think I would roll with Moss – everyone just seems to blow up vs the Pats.

FST_Dustin: I love Williams this week, but I think Moss is the safer play. The Redskins are going to have to pass a ton and with Davis out they are going to have to rely on Moss even more.

FST_Mike: Both have nice matchups this week since I think both the Redskins and the Titans will have to throw a lot to keep pace with the Patriots and Saints. However, I think the safer play is Moss, especially with Fred Davis out of the lineup.

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